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The Project Online Library doesn't contain any dog-eared books. It does have a selection of materials on basenjis in Africa and the imported basenjis and their impact on the breed. Please email James E. Johannes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you wish to add an article, letter, audio or video clip about the Imports not currently included in this collection. Articles are sorted by subject and date published.

Basenjis in Africa

"The Basenji in Africa" by Mrs. E. Ford, September 1967

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire)

"A Definitive Report from the Congo" By Dr. Jamees A. Chapin, July 1956

Dr. James A. Chapin on Basenjis of the Ituri Forest and Uelle District. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, July 1958

Umbilical hernias in Eastern Congo Basenjis. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, March 1960

Letter on Basenji size in the Congo from Robert G. Brown, January 1972

"M'Bwa Na Basenji" by C. J. Warrington, May 1972

"Basenji Life in the Congo" by Russell V. Brown, April 1980

"Bobi" photos and video by Michael Work & Jon Curby, 1987

Photos of Basenjis in Northeastern Zaire, Michael Work & Jon Curby, 1987  

East Africa

Col. John B. George observations on Basenjis in East Africa. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Damara Bolte, March 1964


Photo of Basenji with Bodi tribe by Monica Frelow, August 1981


Comments on Basenjis in Gabon by two Frenchmen - by Genie Rundle, October 1971


"The Basenji in Gambia" - an interview with Mr. Saihou Omar Summarreh by M. E. MacDonald, September 1967

Ivory Coast

"Toulepleu" by Becky Filler, May 1978


"Liberia Paper – 1964" by Leon C. Standifer, March-April 1964

"The Arrival of Blackie" by Shirley Chambers, July 1964

"Observations of Basenji Coat Color" by Leon C. Standifer, Nov. - Dec. 1964

"The Basenji at Home in Liberia" by Leon C. Standifer, June 1965

"Atypical Basenjis" by Marie and Leon Standifer, December 2001

"Memories of Basenjis & Liberia: An Interview with Miss Margaret Miller" by C. Trois-Hoerr, July-Sept., 2001

Sierra Leone

"A Basenji?" photo sent by A. L. Braun, April 1971


"Lady Helen Nutting" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, January 1954

"My Journey into the Home of the Basenji" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, July 1959

Veronica Tudor-Williams observations on her trip. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, October 1959

Veronica Tudor-Williams observations on her trip. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, November 1959

"1945 Letter from Africa" submitted by Veronica Tudor-Williams, May 1988

Imports prior to 1987

"Our First Basenjis" by George L. Gilkey, May 1964

"Imported Dogs" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, April 1979

"Early Basenji Imports at the Zoo" by James E. Johannes, November 2003

"Olivia Burn's first Basenji Imports" by James E. Johannes, December 2004

Bereke, Bokoto, and Bongo

"The Barkless Dog of the Congo" by Olivia Burn, June 1 1937 (pdf reader needed to view)  

Gallaher Ltd. tobacco card of Bongo of Blean, 1938

Bakuma of Blean

"First Basenjis to the United States", news articles from the New York Sun, September 1937

Dogs Inc. advertisment in Westminster Kennel Club show catalog, February 1938

Kandi of the Congo

"Rabies from the English Point of View" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, January 1975

Amatangazig of the Congo

Mr. Arthur Byron's story of Amatangazig from Basenjis: The Barkless Dogs by Veronica Tudor-Williams, 1954

Simolo of the Congo

Letter about Simolo of the Congo from Veronica Tudor-Williams, March 1972

Phemister's Congo

"Stowaway Basenji from West Africa", compilation from Boston newspapers, April 1941

"My New Dog, "Congo"" by Alexander Phemister, August 1941

Kindu and Kasenyi

Article in Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, March 1959

Tiki Tiki

Article in Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, August 1958

Fula and Binza

Binza. Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Damara Bolte, May 1961

"Fula Anniversary" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, August 1967

"Fula's First Day" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, July 1974


"The Story of Our Black and White Basenjis" by Marie and Leon Standifier, December 2001

"Kiki the Miracle Dog" by Marie Scott Standifer, December 2001


"A New Girl from the Old Country" by Joy McNulty, January 1976

Early Imports Impact on the Breed

"Where have all the Small Ears gone?" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, November 1968

Letter on The Black and White Basenji Bloodlines from Mary Gontarek, December 1968

"Great Studs Dogs of the Past" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, August 1969

"Early Foundation Breeding Females" by Mary Phemister, Nov.-Dec. 1969

"The Black and White Basenji" by C. W. White, April 1970

"Black, Tan and White Basenjis" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, October 1970

"A Brief History of the Black and White Basenji in the United States" Nov-Dec 1970

"Basenji Size - with special reference to Native Imports" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, February 1971

"Size Spirals Upward" by Thelma Gray , July 1971

"Observations on Hemolytic Anemia" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, September 1972

Two Letters on Early Problems Faced by Breeders from Veronica Tudor-Williams, June and July 1973

"Herditary Disorders of the Basenji" by Dr. Russell Brown, April 1979

"Colour - Sense or Non-Sense?" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, May-June 1979

Letter on Cream Basenjis from Veronica Tudor-Williams, June 1979

"The Basenji Mouth" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, July-August 1979

"Early Dogs and A Reply To Mrs. Elspet FordVT" by Veronica Tudor-Williams, April 1980

"Comments on the Basenji Head " by Veronica Tudor-Williams, April 1981

Registered Foundation Stock - 1990

Why Import more Native Stock?

Article in Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by Walter Philo, September 1958

Article in Pure-Bred Dogs: AKC Gazette by George L. Gilkey, October 1958

"The Future for Basenjis" by Russell D. Hendren, October-December 1985

"Report on Russell Hendren's Talk" by Susan Patterson, July-August 1986

"Toward Importing African Basenjis" by Alice Bair, September 1987

Expedition to Zaire — 1987 and 1988

Jon Curby Answers Your Questions, October-December 1987

"Notes from the Heart of Africa" by Jon Curby, August & November 1988

"A Basenji Safari" by Damara Bolte, September 1988

Registration of New Native Stock

Request to AKC to Reopen Basenji Stud Book, by Sandra L. Bridges, January 26, 1989

PROGRESS REPORT: Committee for the Registration of Native Basenjis May-August 1989

Heriditary Problems Presented to the AKC Board, by Russell V. Brown, PhD, July 10, 1989

History of the Breed Presented to the AKC Board, by Shirley J. Jones, August 1989

Official Ballot Results to Reopen the Stud Book and Allow Brindles, by Cynthia A. Horan, August 6, 1989

Letter on AKC allowing the reopening of the Stud Book to African Imports from James E. Dearinger Secretary, AKC, November 15, 1989

Criteria used to approve Native Basenjis for inclusion in the Stud Book

"New Foundation Stock, African Imports Registered by AKC in June 1990", July-September 1990

Several documents related to the reopening of the Stud Book provided by Jon Curby, Sept 1987 to June 1990 (pdf reader needed to view)

African Stock Project

"Basenji Club of America African Stock Project" by L. Jane Williams, March 1994 

Avongara Profile

Avongara Dubele by Nancy Brinton, September 1994

Avongara Zairienne by Nancy Brinton, December 1994

1990 Foundation Stock Impact on the Breed

"African Experience" by Donna Lubbe, January -March 2000

"Health Conclusions About My Africans" by Brenda Jones-Greenberg, July-Sept. 2001

"The Basenji Annual Estrus: African Origins" by James E Johannes, October 2002

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