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If you are in visiting this page, chances are you have either just purchased a Basenji or you are contemplating doing so. In either case, the Owner’s Guide will prove invaluable in answering the many questions you have about this fascinating and unique breed. Topics include personality and physical traits as well as the proper training, grooming and health care of the Basenji.

These articles will help you get started right with Basenjis. Click on each title to read about the subject.


     From the moment you lay eyes on your new Basenji “baby”, be it a 12 week old puppy or an 8 year old rescue Basenji or retired show dog, don’t be surprised if you constantly find yourself smiling in delight at its comical antics and very beguiling personality.  Welcome!  You’ve joined the legion of those whose lives will be forever enriched by the unique love of and devotion to a Basenji.

     Now is the time to begin giving your new Basenji the best possible start in its new home.  It is our hope that the Owner’s Guide will give you the assistance you need and introduce you to other resources that will enrich your lives together.



Origin and History of the Basenji

Study Aid Origin and History: Self-Graded Quiz

Understanding Basenjis — Your Type of Dog?

 Study Aid Understanding: Self-Graded Quiz

Why are Basenjis Barkless?

 Why are Basenjis Barkless: Self-Graded Quiz

How to Find A Basenji

 How to Find A Basenjis: Quiz 1 and Quiz 2

Making Your Home Safe and
Your Basenji Shopping List

Preparing to Bring Your Basenji Home: Self-Graded Quiz

Your New Basenji Comes Home

 Bringing Your New Basenji Home: Self-Graded Quiz

Feeding Your New Basenji

 Feeding Your New Basenji: Self-Graded Quiz

Grooming Your Basenji

 Study Aid Grooming: Self-Graded Quiz

Activities for You and Your Basenji

Study Aid Activities: Self-Graded Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3

The Health of Your Basenji

Study Aid Health: Self-Graded Quiz

Should I Breed My Basenji?

Study Aid Breeding: Self-Graded Quiz

Training Your Basenji

Study Aid Training: Self-Graded Quiz

Traveling with Your Basenji

Study Aid Traveling: Self-Graded Quiz

Appendix A:
Glossary of Health Issues Affecting Dogs

Appendix B:
What is the Basenji Club of America's Mission?

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Learn about the many ways to enjoy your Basenji
         as well as how to provide the best possible care to ensure a long and happy life for your hound.

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