Judges Education

The BCOA is interested in educating judges about Basenjis.

Two basenjis teasing one anotherSeminars are offered when requested. There is always a seminar and ringside mentoring at the National Specialty each year. Contact the Judges Education Chairperson for information on seminars.

A list of BCOA members who have volunteered to act as mentors is in the menu. If you have additional questions about mentors, contact the Judges Education Chairperson.

Click Official Basenji Standard for the AKC Basenji standard and click BCOA's Letter on Color to "AKC's Judges Newsletter" for clarification regarding color in Basenjis. 


Procedural Clarifications: 1) The question of the correct procedure for determining the pliancy of the skin of the Basenji is covered here: Clarification for examining a basenji for pliant skin.  2) Please be aware that a Basenji's tail should never be uncurled during examination. This can be painful to the dogs  3) Two individuals should not be tabled together.  .

An online educational program is offered by BCOA from this website at the Basenji University's College for Basenji Judges.

     The Illustrated Standard was prepared by the Judges Education Committee in 2012. The Review of the Basenji Standard was published in 1991 by the BCOA.

If you you would like to become a mentor and are a BCOA member with experience in both breeding and exhibiting Basenjis, see the Mentor Application for qualification details.

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