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The Basenjis listed here are strictly descended from Foundation Stock Registered from 1990 to the present.

Litters are sorted by date of birth and name. The sire and dam are given after each birth date.

Symbol Key

= male = female

= black = brindle = brindle with saddle = red = red with saddle
= tricolor
= capped tri = saddle tri = tri-pointed brindle (trindle)
= color not known

Italic name indicates no progeny.

Happy B Day.



November 5 - (Avongara Diagba x Avongara K'Posi)

Avongara Basiri

Avongara Embwa

Avongara Kipingi

Avongara Zairienne

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June 28 - (Avongara Diagba x Avongara Bazingbi )

Avongara Aba

Avongara Bombagandi

Avongara Likati

Avongara Seuth

Avongara Uele


December 21 - (Avongara Diagba x Avongara M'Bliki)

Avongara Bahati Nasibu

Avongara Blixen of Clayridge

Avongara Bote, CDX

Avongara Donner, CD

Avongara Kweli

Avongara Rudi


December 28 - (Avongara Diagba x Avongara Elly)

Avongara's Debut of Breka

Avongara Niobe

Avongara Shitalki

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November 30 - (Avongara Gangura x Avongara Zamee)


Avongara Adabu

Avongara Hodari

Avongara Iben Kerel

Avongara Mayibuye Afrika

Avongara Ruwenzori



December 17 - (Avongara Gangura x Avongara N'Gola)

Avongara Angel of Wilmer

Avongara Bikoro at Breka

Avongara Kulu Star of Wilmer

Avongara Mwanzoni

Avongara Ramsey of Wilmer

Star's Tri of Wilmer

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December 10 - (Avongara Rudi x Avongara Elly)

Avongara Baraka

Avongara Diari of Jamadi, JC

Avongara Durcella of Jamadi

Avongara Kibeti Tazama

Avongara Princess Peanut

Avongara Winchester

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January 2 - (Avongara Bikoro at Breka x Avongara's Debut of Breka)

Avongara Akiti by Breka

Avongara Ango by Breka

Avongara Arua by Breka

Avongara Arusha by Breka

Avongara Asosa by Breka, F.Ch.

Avongara Atbara by Breka

Avongara Atrun by Breka

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December 3 - (Avongara Akiti by Breka x Avongara Arusha by Breka)

Avongara Dekese by Breka

Avongara Dibaya by Breka

Avongara Dimoko by Breka

Avongara Djuga by Breka

Avongara Doussala by Breka

Avongara Dubele by Breka

Avongara Du Nile by Breka

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January 11 - (Avongara Djuga by Breka x Avongara's Debut of Breka)

Avongara Egama by Breka

Avongara Ekundu by Breka

Avongara Eleka by Breka

Avongara Elekeza by Breka, CGC

Avongara Endeka by Breka

Avongara Endesha by Breka

Avongara Enyi by Breka

Avongara Ezeka by Breka


December 5 - (Avongara Gangura x Avongara Zamee)

Avongara Chaza of Brushy Run

Avongara Mpenzi

Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX

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May 20 - (Avongara Akiti by Breka x Avongara Princess Peanut)

Avongara Ostentatious Oscar


September 1 - (Avongara Du Nile by Breka x Avongara Elekeza by Breka, CGC)

Avongara F-Asala by Breka

Avongara F-Ebone' by Breka

Avongara F-Matu by Breka

Avongara F-Mweiya by Breka

Avongara F-Mwenua by Breka


December 18 - (Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX x Avongara Mwanzoni)

Avongara ????

Avongara Alibubba of Brushy Run

Avongara Masai of Brushy Run

Avongara Nafuu of Brushy Run

Avongara Riley of Brushy Run

Avongara Rocky of Brushy Run

Avongara Swali of Brushy Run


December 19 - (Avongara Bahati Nasibu x Avongara N'Gola)

Avongara Bahati Tena

Avongara Imba Tena

Avongara Worth the Wait, JC

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January 19 - (Avongara Adabu xAvongara Diari of Jamadi, JC)

Avongara Caira of Brushy Run

Avongara Mwezi of Brushy Run

Avongara Njozi of Brushy Run

Avongara Siri of Brushy Run


November 13 - (Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX x Avongara Chaza of Brushy Run)

Avongara Arobee of Brushy Run

Avongara Kwanza of Brushy Run

Avongara Pili of Brushy Run

Avongara Remy of Brushy Run

Avongara Tano of Brushy Run

Avongara Tatu of Brushy Run

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January 5 - (Avongara Rudi x Avongara Ruwenzori)

Avongara Nagili

Avongara Tribal Singer

Avongara Tribal Spokesman


January 9 - (Avongara Bahati Nasibu x Avongara N'Gola)

Avongara Katinda Mimba

Avongara Twice the Vice


September 30 - (Avongara Ostentatious Oscar x Avongara Princess Peanut)

Avongara Bailey Finnigan

Avongara Ibeta Ma Bongo

Avongara K'Tana

Avongara Mfalme Jumanji

Avongara Painted Lady

Avongara Princess KC


December 12 - (Avongara Djuga by Breka x Avongara F-Ebone' by Breka)

Avongara Acoma by Breka

Avongara Huachuca by Breka

Avongara Hun Dah Ra by Breka

Avongara Kiyenta by Breka

Avongara Zuni by Breka


December 29 - (Avongara Swali of Brushy Run x Avongara Mwezi of Brushy Run)

Avongara Lulu of Brushy Run, F.Ch.

Avongara Mwata of Brushy Run

Avongara Rusty Brushy Run, CGC

Avongara Senji of Brushy Run

Avongara Shama of Brushy Run

Avongara Victoria Brushy Run

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January 3 - (Avongara Worth the Wait, JC x Avongara Kipingi)

Avongara Finnigan's Rainbow

Avongara It's a Mystery

Avongara Practical Magic

Avongara Ruya of Fataki

Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice


January 11 - (Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX x Avongara Njozi of Brushy Run)

Avongara Bells of Brushy Run

Avongara Bizi of Brushy Run

Avongara Dogo Malaika

Avongara Gus of Brushy Run

Avongara Lulu

Avongara Mtani of Brushy Run


November 22 - (Avongara Tribal Spokesman x Avongara F-Matu by Breka)

Avongara Asa Out of Breka

Avongara Adasa by Breka

Avongara Congo by Breka

Avongara Efe by Breka

Avongara Itoko by Breka

Avongara Juba by Breka

Avongara Mbuta Out of Breka

Avongara Mwadi Out of Breka

Avongara Twides by Breka


December 10 - (Avongara Ostentatious Oscar x Avongara Mpenzi)

Avongara Dahab by Itzyu

Avongara Itzyu 'N Me Kid

Avongara Itzyu Snoopy

Avongara Mbembe Itzyu

Avongara Mkora Itzyu

Avongara Panjama Itzyu


December 12 - (Avongara Bizi of Brushy Run x Avongara Mwezi of Brushy Run)

Avongara Buddy of Brushy Run

Avongara Oscar of Brushy Run

Avongara Taco of Brushy Run

Avongara Tara of Brushy Run


December 18 - (Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice x Avongara Twice the Vice)

Avongara Mmoju Natu

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January 7 - (Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX x Avongara Siri of Brushy Run)

Avongara C-Quests Brushy Run

Avongara Niles of Brushy Run

Avongara Simba of Brushy Run

Avongara Skyhi of Brushy Run

Avongara Tico of Brushy Run


December 5 - (Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice x Avongara Acoma by Breka)

Avongara Onuris by Sadiki

Avongara Osiris by Sadiki

Avongara Mandella by Sadiki

Avongara Mandulus by Sadiki


December 13 - (Avongara Rudi x Avongara Shama of Brushy Run)

Avongara Akuba of Brushy Run

Avongara Angel of Brushy Run

Avongara Jesi of Brushy Run

Avongara Lalo of Brushy Run

Avongara Malaika Brushy Run

Avongara Pete of Brushy Run


December 16 - (Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice x Avongara Nagili)

Avongara Dinari

Avongara Kasabu

Avongara Mkando

Avongara Sineri


December 25 - (Avongara Rudi x Avongara Nafuu of Brushy Run)

Avongara Glory of Brushy Run

Avongara Hicotn Jenga Brushy Run

Avongara Java of Brushy Run

Avongara (Narla) of Brushy Run

Avongara Rease of Brushy Run

Avongara (Zuri) of Brushy Run

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December 5 - (Avongara Rease of Brushy Run x Avongara Bells of Brushy Run)

Avongara Cole of Brushy Run

Avongara Kipendo Brushy Run

Avongara Lady White Mamboso

Avongara Rai of Brushy Run

Avongara Spike of Brushy Run


December 7 - (Avongara Swali of Brushy Run x Avongara Njozi of Brushy Run)

Avongara Almosi Brushy Run

Avongara Bes of Brushy Run

Avongara Konah of Brushy Run

Avongara MBobi of Brushy Run

Avongara Ra of Brushy Run

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September 29 - (Avongara Dahab by Itzyu x Avongara Katinda Mimba)

Avongara Askari Mlia Karlyn

Avongara Kipepo Msasi Karlyn

Avongara Metega Karlyn

Avongara Mpigail Karlyn

Avongara Muwinda Karlyn

Avongara Mvuji Karlyn

Avongara Mvuvi Karlyn


December 1 - (Avongara Imba Tena x Avongara C-Quests of Brushy Run)

Avongara Enigma of C-Quest

Avongara Fantasy of C-Quest

Avongara Figment of C_Quest

Avongara Luna of Brushy Run

Avongara Mirage of C-Quest

Avongara Mystique of C-Quest

Avongara Oasis of C-Quest

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January 16 - (Avongara Rease of Brushy Run x Avongara Chaza of Brushy Run)

Avongara Darwin of Brushy Run

Avongara Kiara of Brushy Run

Avongara Meme of Brushy Run

Avongara Nkutu of Brushy Run

Avongara Nneka of Brushy Run

Avongara Zumba of Brushy Run

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January 14 - (Avongara Panjama Itzyu x Avongara Practical Magic)

Avongara Kibeti Mtunda Karlyn

Avongara Killian Kelly

Avongara Kisura Mwanga Karlyn

Avongara Koca Khola 

Avongara Masikio Makubwa

Avongara Sahibu Lozi Karlyn
January 16 - (UCICB Ch Avongara MBobi of Brushy Run, JC x Avongara Mwezi of Brushy Run)

Avongara J'Jai of Brushy Run

  Avongara Kaya of Brushy Run

Avongara Msuko of Brushy Run

Avongara Mwana of Brushy Run

  Avongara Rose of Brushy Run
  Avongara Senna of Brushy Run

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January 8 - (Avongara Buddy of Brushy Run x Avongara Askari Mlia Karlyn)

Avongara Kama Mdomo WilmerHiCotn

Avongara Kirembo Wilmer HiCotn

Avongara Kiviringo Wilmer HiCotn

Avongara Kizio Wilmer HiCotn

Avongara Mngwana Wilmer HiCotn

Avongara Pongono Wilmer HiCotn

Avongara Shingo Wilmer HiCotn

January 20 - (Avongara Worth the Wait x Avongara Tribal Singer)
  Avongara All Sunshine's Worth
  Avongara For What Its Worth
  Avongara Know Your Worth
  Avongara Worth A Look
  Avongara Worth A Lotte
  Avongara Worth The Cash
  Avongara Worth The Gamble
  Avongara Worth The Time
December 8 - ('Avongara Darwin of Brushy Run x Avongara Worth A Lotte)
Avongara Ituri Huck Finn
Avongara Ituri Okapi
Avongara Ituri Rachel's Malimbe
Avongara Ituri Tai
December 19 - ('Avongara Rease of Brushy Run x Avongara Skyhi of Brushy Run)
. Avongara SkyHi Elation
. Avongara SkyHi Sophistication


December 25 - (Avongara Swali of Brushy Run x Avongara of Rai of Brushy Run)
Avongara Charlie of Brushy Run
  Avongara Curly of Brushy Run
  Avongara Motsimela of Brushy Run
Avongara ?? of Brushy Run
December 27 - (Avongara Swali of Brushy Run x Avongara of Njozi of Brushy Run)
  Avongara Jini of Brushy Run
  Avongara Mandisa of Brushy Run
  Avongara Zazi of Brushy Run

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September 27 - (Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run x Avongara of Nneka of Brushy Run)
Avongara Abby of Brushy Run
Avongara Ding of Brushy Run
Avongara Loki of Brushy Run
Avongara Rembo of Brushy Run
Avongara Zenji of Brushy Run
December 17 - (Avongara Worth The Cash x Avongara Worth A Look)
Avongara  Abrah
Avongara Akbar
Avongara Anya
Avongara Ariel
Avongara Azadi
Avongara Azul
December 27 - (Avongara Ghany x Avongara Meme of Brushy Run)

Avongara African Bell Brushy Run

Avongara Lola of Brushy Run

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January 23 - (Avongara Itzyu N Me Kid x Avongara Tribal Singer)
Avongara Beat the Odds
Avongara Fataki's Karata Ayari
Avongara Playing the Cards
Avongara Playing the Numbers
Avongara Playing The Odds
Avongara Roll The Dice
Avongara Up The Ante
January 26 - (Avongara Kasabu x Avongara Mwata of Brushy Run)
Avongara All of Me
Avongara All State
Avongara All That I Am
Avongara All That Jazz
Avongara All The Way
Avongrara All Tuckered Out
Avongara Mine All Mine
November 19 - (Avongara Itzyu N Me Kid x Avongara Worth A Look)
Avongara Biblioteca
December 11 - (Avongara Rease of Brushy x Avongara Glory of Brushy Run)
Avongara Lexi of Brushy Run
Avongara Moses of Brushy Run
Avongara Mpuzi of Brushy Run
Avongara Black Opal of Brushy Run
Avongara Pepe of Brushy Run
December 14 - (Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice x Avongara Mbembe Itzyu)
Avongara Magic Moment Itzyu
December 16 - (Avongara All The Way x Avongara All Of Me)
Avongara Accidental Tourist
Avongara Accidents Happen
Avongara Happy Accident
Avongara Oops
Avongara Pleasant Surprise

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February 1 - (Avongara Mfalme Jumanji x Avongara Nkutu of Brushy Run)
Avongara Annie of Brushy Run
Avongara Kima of Brushy Run
Avongara Taz of Brushy Run
Avongara T Rex of Brushy Run
July 29 - (Avongara Fataki's Karata Ayari x Avongara Ruya of Fataki)
Avongara Fataki Hidaya
Avongara Fataki Kichea
Avongara Fataki Kushika
Avongara Fataki Matumaini
Avongara Fataki Tabika
December 19 - (Avongara Mine All Mine x Avongara Magic Moment Itzyu)
Avongara Chesi Manzi
Avongara Ovechkin Bratley
Avongara Roses Are Red

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December 24 - (Avongara Pepe of Brushy Run x Avongara Tiko of Brushy Run)
Avongara Destiny of Brushy Run
Avongara Shiba of Brushy Run

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October 23 - (Lukuru Amisi x Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya)
Lukuru Constellation Cassiopeia (for Antefaa)
Lukuru Constellation Libra
Lukuru Constellation Orion
Lukuru Constellation Pegasus
Lukuru Constellation Perseus
Lukuru Constellation Ursa

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December 22 - (Avongara Zibili x Avongara Pleasant Surprise)
December 28 - (Avongara Zibili x Avongara Roll The Dice)
Avongara Kafi Itzyu Hicotn
Tri ?
R ?
R ?
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