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Avongara K'Tana

Call name: "Katie"
AKC number HM801757-03
Sex: Female Color: Red and White
Date of Birth: September 30, 1998

Sire: Avongara Ostentatious Oscar
Dam: Avongara Princess Peanut

Breeders: Dave and Amber Finnigan
Owner: Lisa Corell Auerbach

Health testing and history: OFA-Hips: BJ-1090G34F-PI (good), OFA-Elbows: BJ-EL45F34-PI (normal), CERF BJ-737 (9/1999, 2000, 2002, 2003).

Date of Death:

Cause of Death:

Comments: Very cute, vivacious bitch, wary of strangers but a dynamo with those she knows. Extremely playful and cat-like. Tail is a good single curl well over to the side. Very petite bitch, barely 15". Nice pigment and coat color. Coat is somewhat longer and a bit coarser than my other basenjis. Her coat changed from a very dull, cottony puppy coat to a much darker red, sleeker coat. Face is cute with refined muzzle and large dark eye, smallish ears. Nice compact feet. Retained puppy teeth but ended up fine with correct bite and full dentition. Faults: a bit cow-hocked and the topline could be better.

Katie as a puppy.

Katie as a puppy.

Litters produced - none:

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