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Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara Gangura

Call name: "Larry" or "Kole"
AKC number HD839004
Sex: Male Color: Brindle and White
Approximate date of birth: December 1986
Date of importation to U.S.A.: February 1987
Area discovered in Africa: Uele District, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African (Gongosi)
Dam: Unknown African (Funa)

Importers: Jon Curby and Michael Work

Owners: Cathy and James Swayze

Health testing and history: PPM and cloboma clear, HA clear, while no OFA number is available, the owners have explained that Gangura's hips were done by their vet who told them there was no problem and they did not send in the X-rays.

Date of Death: March 2002

Cause of Death: Believed to have a brain tumor.

Comments: Larry is a very smooth effortless sound moving dog with very good shoulder layback. He has a nice head but with a squared-off muzzle. In color he is a lightly marked brindle but his pups have a full range of brindle color. He has a real easy-going personality, nothing seems to bother him. He is another of the Avongara dogs with great hunting instincts.

Larry in Africa.
Larry (behind) and littermates in Africa.

Side view of Avongara Gangura.


Front view of Avongara Gangura.


Head of Avongara Gangura.

Litters produced:

December 21, 1989 -  3 brindles & 3 tri colors (trindles?) 
            Am. Ch. Kibushi Salutes Absinthe
Am. Ch. Kibushi Quixote of Bravos
Bravos Sweet Gypsy Rose
Dam: Ch. Kibushi Flashback
Am. Ch. Kibushi Trademark
Am. Ch. Kibushi Omega
Absinthe Ava of Kibushi


Comments: Kibushi Get Sirius (Br/W OFA-Hips: Good), Kibushi Labrea (Br/W OFA-Hips: Good), Kibushi Perfect Blend (Br/W), Kibushi High Time (tri), Kibushi Gangula (tri) and Kibushi Spike Loutzenhiser (tri with brindle). Get Sirius and Labrea have both been used in breeding. Get Sirius has been quite prominent and is on the Stud Dog Honor Roll. Spike is described by the owner as tall, leggy dog and quite good at coursing. He is still running the course at ten years old.

November 30, 1990 -  1 brindle, 3 red and 2 tri males & 1 
tri female registered from this litter - Breeder: Cathy &
James Swayze - HM344872
            Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara Zamee (R/W)
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African

Comments: Males: Avongara Mayibuye Afrika (Br/W 01), Avongara Adabu (R/W 05), Avongara (tri, perhaps actually Brindle, Red & White 06), Avongara Iben Kerel (R/W 04), Avongara Hodari (tri 07) and Spotmortymeister (R/W 03) - Females: Avongara Ruwenzori (tri 02). All except Hodari have all been bred from.

November 30, 1990 -  1 tri male & 1 tri and 2 red/white
females were registered from this litter - Breeders: B. and
N. Turner - HM331082
            Am. Ch. Jerlin's Mystic Mountain
Am. Ch. Silvercreek's Kino (tri)
Silvercreek's Tar Baby (tri)
Dam: Kibushi Kana of Idlewild (R/W)
Unknown African
Avongara Zamee
Unknown African

Comments: Male: Saudi's Desert Shield (tri 02) - Females: Idlewild Stripes from Africa (Br/W 01), Kibushi Maggie of Idlewild (R/W 04) and Baba O'Spanky Doodle Dandy (R/W 03). Just "Stripes" has been bred from.

December 5, 1990 - 3 red & 2 brindle males and 2 red 
females - Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
Am. Ch. Reed of Erawan
Am. Ch. Kibushi Salutes Absinthe
Am. Ch. Kibushi Yolande
Dam: Am. Ch. Kibushi Quinella of Bravos (R/W)
Am. Ch. Mata Hauri Hai Karate
Bravos Sweet Gypsy Rose
Am. Ch. Kibushi Windflute


Comments: None used in breeding to date.

December 17, 1990 -  2 red/white and 1 tri male & 1 each 
tri with brindle points, brindle/white and red/white females -
Breeder: Wilma Bauer - HM333773
            Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara N'Gola (R/W)
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African

Comments: Males: Avongara Bikoro at Breka (R/W 04), Avongara Kulu Star of Wilmer (R/W 02), Avongara Ramsey of Wilmer (Tri 05) - Females: Avongara Mwanzoni (Br/W 01), Avongara Angel of Wilmer (R/W 03), Star's Tri of Wilmer (tri 06). Three from this litter did not live long due to accidents. The pups in this litter were very aloof with strangers and not easily handled by strangers unlike their mother who never meets a 'stranger.' Bikoro, Kulu Star and Mwanzoni were breed from.

December 18, 1990 - 1 brindle male and 1 red and white 
male and 1 red and white female - Breeders: Andie
Paysinger and Carol Webb - HM330949
            Am. Ch. Asari's Envoy
Am. Ch. Kazor's Intrepid Icebreaker
Am. Ch. Kazor's Xenia
Dam: Pendragon's Kazor Pachesi (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Tokar
Pendragon's Little Bit
Azande Rianna Razzle

Comments: Male: Am. Ch. Pendragon Kazor Shadowplay (Br/W 01 OFA-Hips: Good) and Pendragon Kazor Sunrunner (R/W 03) - Female: Pendragon Kazor Moonsinger (R/W 02). This litter grew differently then we are used to. They got size quickly and we were sure they would be way too big but they stopped growing in time. Player has a wonderful temperament as does Singer. Sunny was shy with strangers. Neither Sunny or Singer were bred from. Sunny died of cancer. Ch. Pendragon Kazor Shadowplay was the first brindle half-African champion. He is a bit straight in the rear but moves out really well, uses everything he has and this is what won him his championship. He is OFA good and his eyes were good in 1990 when they were examined.

December 2, 1992 - 3 males and 3 females - red and 
brindle with white - Breeders: Sally Wuornos - HM445780
            Ch. Sonbar's Celestial Gemini
Ch. Sonbar's Celestial Kaus
Little Angel Annie
Dam: Ch. Sonbar's Celestial Tania (R/W)
Ch. M'Bwa Wazuri's Impi Maikai
Ch. Sonbar's Bicarbonate, CD
Ch. Hannalore's Fidget Bridget

Comments: Males: Sonbar's Hylyobvious Barcode (Br/W 02), Sonbar's Hylyvisable Barcode (Br/W 01) and Sonbra's Brite Howler (R/W 06) - Females: Sonbar's Helsinki Barcode (Br/W 03), Sonbar's Brite Heidi (R/W 04) and Sonbar's Brite Hieroglyph (R/W 05). One of the red females had had darker red areas on the checks so I thought she might be a mahogany tri but she turned into a red and white by eight weeks. One brindle female went to Finland with her family. One of the red females developed a copper toxicity problem and nearly died (Sonbar's Brite Hieroglyph died April 1999 of complications from this disease). Hylyobivious and Hylyvisable are nearby. Visi is a real leggy and sparsely brindled. Visie is more compact with more brindling. We did not breed from them because we didn't like their fronts.

November 28, 1994 - 1 brindle male, 2 red males and 2 red 
females all with fairly plain markings Breeder: Susan Coe -
            Am. Ch. Arabrac's Mountain Mamba
Am. Ch. Timar's Zahali
Am. Ch. Timar's Kito of Hannalore
Dam: Am. Ch. Akuaba's Bold As Brass (R/W)
Am. Ch. Music City Serengeti Jazzman
Am. Ch. Serengeti Carissa
Am. Ch. Serengeti Hollyhock

Comments: Males: Akuaba's No Looking Back (R/W 04), Akuaba's No Holds Barred (Br/W 05), Akuaba's No Stopping Now (R/W 01) and Akuaba's No Frills (R/W 03). Female: Akuaba's No No Nanette (R/W 02). Two of the pups were nice except that the only brindle had very little brindling. The others, while they moved very well, had unattractive heads with poor nose pigment. One of the red males had problems with allegies and reactions to vaccinations. No further breeding was done with this litter. Health info on No
Holds Barred per owner: 2003 - diagnosed with immune mediated
nodular granulomatous episclerokeratitis (NGE). In 2006
bloodwork showed kidney and/or liver issues. In 2008 - early renal failure was diagnosed.

November 30, 1995 - 1 brindle male, 1 red male, 2 red 
females, 2 brindle females all with reasonable markings -
Breeder: Susan Coe - HM609320
            Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration 
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over the Rainbow
Dam: Am. Ch. Akuaba's BJ Tempest (R/W)
Am. Ch. Blucrest All Star
Am. Ch. Kasai's Red I'm Not An Angel
Am. Ch. Kasai's Red Fallen Angel

Comments: Males: Akuaba's Otto Lilyiron (Br/W 06 OFA-Hips: Good)and Akuaba Lily's Shadow (R/W 05). Females: Am. Ch. Akuaba's Day Lily (R/W 02 OFA-Hips: Excellent), Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tiger Lily (Br/W 01 OFA-Hips: Excellant), Akuaba's Rainbow Lily (Br/W 04 OFA-Hips: Excellent) and Akuaba's Lily of the Nile (R/W 03). All were nice puppies except the one red male who was not up to par with a poor tail and lesser head. Movement was very good in this litter, toplines were nice and heads were generally good although the ears are quite mobile. We noticed that Tiger Lily and Otto had a great deal of bone when they were babies, we feared huge adults but they began to slow down between 8 and 10 weeks. Day Lily, Tiger Lily, Rainbow Lily and Otto were bred from and produced well. Otto was reluctant stud and produced just one litter.

December 7, 1995 -  2 red/white males & 2 brindle/white 
females - Breeders: Cathy & James Swayze - HM615870
            Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara Zamee (R/W)
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African

Comments: Male: Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CDX, CGC (R/W 04) Females: Avongara Mpenzi (Br/W 01) and Avongara Chaza of Brushy Run (Br/W 02). A video of this litter exists taken when the pups were around eight weeks old. Zindiko has a particularly nice temperament and is very square in build. His head could be better. Mpenzi is longer and less outgoing. Zindiko, Mpenzi and Chaza have been bred from.

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