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Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara Diagba

Call name: "Diggy"
AKC number HD839008
Sex: Male Color: Brindle and White
Approximate date of birth: January 1988
Date of importation to U.S.A.: March 14, 1988
Area discovered in Africa: Uele District, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Importers: Jon Curby, Damara Bolte', and Stan Carter, DVM

Owners: Jon and Vicki Curby

Health testing and history: PPM & coloboma clear, CERF BJ-199 (12/1992-59), HA clear, OFA BJ-89G59M-T (HD good).

Date of Death: 1996

Cause of Death: Accidental

Comments: Diggy was quite the acrobat being found one time walking along the top rail of a six foot fence. He was an excellent escape artist. He was small, not 17 inches. Somewhat bowed in front legs, not good moving toward you. It may have been an affect of deficiency due to being weaned so young. Lovely head, profuse fine wrinkle, fine skin, short coat and a very sweet but demanding personality.

Avongara Diagba side view

Head of Diagba

Litters produced:

November 5, 1988 - Males: 1 red and white. Females: 
1 brindle and white, 1 red and white known. - Breeders:
Jon and Vicki Curby
              Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara K'Posi
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African


Comments: Male: Unknown. - Females: Avongara Zairienne (Br/W), Avongara Kipingi (R/W), Avongara Basiri, Avongara Embwa (R/W). Zairienne and Kipingi were bred from.


November 20, 1988 - 1 red male, 2 brindle
males & 3 brindle females - Breeders: Jon
and Vicki Curby
               Am. Ch. Reveille Re-Up
Am. Ch. Reveille Do Be Sirius
Am. Ch. Makila Motane Moke
Dam: Am. Ch. Kibushi Jubilee
Am. Ch. Aleika-Absinthe Rajah's JR
Absinthe Ava of Kibushi
Am. Ch. Absin' Bublin' Brown Sugar Lihu

Comments: Males: Avongara Funa (R/W), Avongara Pereke (R/W), Kibushi Simba (Ngangi??) (Br/W) - Females: Kibushi Javan of Tarawinds (Br/W), Avongara Givan, Avongara Ezo, Avongara Tikima. Only Javan was bred from.

June 28, 1989- Males: 2 brindle/white, 1 red/white.
Females: 1 brindle/white, 1 red/white.
Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara Bazingbi
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African

Comments: Bite problems. None of these pups are in breeding program. Males: Avongara Uele (Br/W), Avongara Seuth (R/W) and Avongara Bombagandi (Br/W) - Females: Avongara Aba (R/W) and Avongara Likati (Br/W).

December 21, 1989 - 1 red male and 5 brindle males - 
Breeder: Damara Bolte'
              Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara M'Bliki (Br/W)
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African

Comments: Males: Avongara Kweli (Br/W), Avongara Bahati Nasibu (Br/W), Avongara Bote, CDX (Br/W), Avongara Donner, CD (Br/W), Avongara Blixen of Clayridge (Br/W) and Avongara Rudi (R/W). Brindle pups went from a very dark brindle to moderate brindle. They have good shoulder layback but tended to be quite long in back. Tails could have been curlier. All these males have produced pups themselves except Blixen.

December 28, 1989 - 2 red males and 4 brindle females - 
Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
              Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Dam: Avongara Elly (R/W)
Unkown African
Avongara N'Gondi
Unknown African

Comments: Males: unknown - Females: Avongara Shitalki (Br/W) and Avongara's Debut of Breka (Br/W), Avongara Niobe (Br/W).

November 9, 1990 - 1 red female and 2 brindle females - 
Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
              Am. Ch. Asari's Envoy
Am. Ch. Kazor's Intrepid Icebreaker
Am. Ch. Kazor's Xenia
Dam: Am. Ch. Kibushi Flashfire (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kibushi Quixote of Bravos
Am. Ch. Kibushi Flashback
Am. Ch. Kibushi Omega

Comments: Kibushi Brave New World, JC, LCM3 (Br/W OFA-Hips:Excellent, OFA-Patella: Normal). Kibushi Babbling Brooks (Br/W). Brave New World, "Callie", finished her LCM3 at nearly 12 year old in Sept. 2002. Owner comment (email 3/2006) - Babbling Brooks is still going strong at age 16 years.

December 15, 1990 -  2 males and 3 females - red and white
and brindle and white - Breeders: Bruce and Carolyn Nagle -
              Am. Ch. JR's Shadow of Woz
Am. Ch. Smooth Operator of Woz
Am. Ch. Darp's Red Ruby
Dam: Am. Ch. Karlyn's Inquisitor of Woz (R/W)
Am & FCI Ch. Lucky of Woz
Yakies Lucky Baby of Woz
Yakies Speak of the Devil

Comments: Males: Karlyn's Jailbird (Br/W 01) and Karlyn's Tugger (Br/W 04) - Females: Karlyn's Dilly (Br/W 03), Karlyn's Dally (B/W 02), Karlyn's Insatiable Quest (R/W 05). Overall the litter was very nice except the red male was too large. There was not much white on the puppies. All temperaments were a bit shy, not confident however they were not dog aggressive. All are healthy at eight years old. The brindle girls Dilly and Dally were twins, born in the same sack and great fun to show as a brace. One of the twins was bred to another half-African and there were many deformities however it is not known if they were inherited or environmental. The red female was bred to a non-African and had healthy puppies.


December 29, 1990 - 1 red/white and 1 brindle/white 
male & 4 red/white and 2 brindle/white females - Breeder:
Laura Mae Hesse - HM339405
            Am. Ch. Sirius Halfback
Am. Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight
Am. Ch. Caucasian Ruffles
Dam: Am. Ch. Laurel Delight's Lady Be Good (R/W)
Am. Can. Ch. Pero's Forest Flute of SunDiata, CD,
Laurel Saint Misbehaving
Laurel Heidi of Tairror


Comments: Males: Laurel Pinocchio (R/W 07) and Laurel JJ Bullwrinkle (Br/W 05) - Females: Laurel Miss Marble (Br/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good CERF:(96)), Laurel African Queen Cricket (R/W 04), Kibushi Laurel Ruby (R/W 01) and Laurels Imported Olive Oil (R/W 03). Miss Marble and African Queen Cricket are the only two who have been bred from. Miss Marble had three litters and Cricket one litter. Both are happy and healthy at 9 1/2 years old.

December 13, 1991 - 1 red & white male and 2 brindle/white 
females known - Breeder: Unknown - HM388582
             Am. Ch. Red Revers Reverie of Ouimac
Am. Ch. Kissi Hershey of Centaurus
Am. Ch. Reliant Kiss-A-Lot
Dam: Am. Ch. Bojak Abbai Kifungo (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Dandy Deerstalker
Am. Ch. Bojak Abbai Kimia
Am. Ch. Bojak Abbai Nyoya

Comments: Male: Bialek's The Fugitive (R/W 01) - Females: Bialek The Blushing Bride (R/W 02), Bialek Total Recall (Br/W 03)

November 15, 1994 - 3 red males, 1 red & 2 brindle 
females - Breeders: Vicki & Ann Curby - HM546564
            Am. Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight
Am. Ch. Sukari's Spot the Target, CD
Am. Ch. Pendragon's Sugarbabe of Kazor, CDX,
Dam: Am. Ch. Kibushi All Or Nothing (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kibushi Salutes Absinthe
Am. Ch. Kibushi Quinella of Bravos
Bravos Sweet Gypsy Rose

Comments: Males: Kibushi Never On Sunday (R/W 05) and Kibushi Nevermore (R/W 01) - Females: Am. Ch. Kibushi Neverminds New World, JC (R/W 04) OFA-Hips: Good CERF:(98,99,01) OFA-Patellas: Normal OFA-PKD: Clear, Kibushi Never Say Never (Br/W 02) OFA-Hips: Good, Kibushi Nevertheless (Br/W 06). Nevertheless went to Denmark where she was bred.

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