The Basenji Club of America African Stock Project

Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara N'Gondi

Call name: "Pasi"
AKC number HD839000
Sex: Female Color: Red and White
Approximate date of birth: 1984
Date of importation to U.S.A.: March 14, 1988
Area discovered in Africa: Uele District, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Importers: Jon Curby, Damara Bolte', and Stan Carter, DVM

Owner: Stan Carter, DVM

Health testing and history: minor PPM, coloboma clear, HA clear, OFA BJ-62G80F (HD good).

Date of Death: 1997

Cause of Death: Old age

Front of view Pasi.

Side view of Pasi.

Video: Pasi in Africa

Comments: Pasi was obtained during the 1988 trip to Zaire on a blistering African day. She was the mother of the nicest looking adult we saw, a young male dubbed the "Prince." She nestled readily with her new found friends and whelped six pups two days later. Mother and pups all thrived, despite the long flight home. She always took everything in stride, never seeming anxious or fearful. She was a constant seeker of affection and food throughout her life. Her African name was M'Gomul which means "hungry." She was a nicely marked, fine-boned girl with a well set, tightly curled tail. A very typey, compact girl who could have been a show dog except that she did not have any showmanship. An excellent mother. We are unsure of her exact age but estimate she lived to over thirteen years old.

Litters produced:

March,12, 1988 - 6 pups, 5 red and 1 capped tri -
Breeder: Unknown
            Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Sire: Unknown
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African


Comments: Males: Avongara Renzi (R/W) and Avongara Nabodio (capped tri) - Female: Avongara Elly (R/W) were registered from this litter. This litter was born after N'Gondi was obtained in Africa but before the trip to the USA. These three can be found in this section in more detail. The others from the litter included one that was too large, one that was not very good and one who should have been registered.

December 14, 1989 - 6 pups: 2 red males and 3 red
females and 1 tri female - Breeder: Stan Carter
            Am. Ch. Arabrac's Mountain Mamba
Am. Ch. Falisha's Night Odysey
Am. Ch. Chrismar's Falisha of Woz
Sire: Silvercreek's T-Bone (R/W)
Am. Ch. Jerlin's Mystic Mountain
Am. Ch. Silvercreek's Penny Lane
Silvercreek's Tar Baby

Comments: All the pups had nice temperaments, markings were correct except for excess white on the side of one bitch. The tri female had normal melon pips at six months but I am unsure if she developed into a capped tri after that. These pups had exceptional movement, especially Am. Ch. Silvercreek's Gale Force (R/W), the only one ever shown. Unfortunately she did not live long enough to be bred from. Several others were show quality but they went to pet homes.

December 23, 1992 - 2 capped tri males, 3 red males, 2
red females and 1 capped tri female -
Breeders: Susan Coe and Stan Carter - HM444912
            Am. Can. Ch. Changa's Gentaa Snowflurry
Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration
Am. Ch. Changa's Rea Legend
Sire: Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kukuk's Mr. Banjo
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kanza Over The Rainbow
Am. Ch. Hatua's Akuaba Wildflower

Comments: Males: Am. Ch. Akuaba's African Free Agent (R/W 01), Am. Ch. Akuaba's Freeflight to KISA (R/W 03), Am. Ch. Silvercreek Sir Quincy (R/W 07 OFA-Hips: Good), Silvercreek's Pongo (cap tri 06), and Akuaba's Freebooter (cap tri 04) - Females: Am. Ch. Akuaba's African Free-For-All (R/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF: (94, 97)), Akuaba's Free Spirit at Timar, JC, (cap tri 05 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF: (04), OFA-PKD: Clear) and Akuaba's Free Style (R/W 08). All had reasonable temperaments except one shy bitch. Movement and toplines were good. The heads, especially the males were wide in the back skull. Sizes varied and one of the red males had a somewhat heavier, coarser coat while all the others had very fine coats with good color and markings. Just one had a poor tail curl.

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