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Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara Elly

Call name: "Elly"
AKC number HD839009
Sex: Female Color: Red and White
Date of birth: March 12, 1988
Date of importation to U.S.A.: March 14, 1988
Area discovered in Africa: Isiro, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African (but may have been one of dam's sons who she lived with)
Dam: Avongara N'Gondi (also imported)

Elly as puppy trotting in front of her dam.
Elly as puppy trotting in
front of her dam.

June 10, 2001 - Elly at 13 1/2 years old.
June 10, 2001 - Elly at 13 1/2 years old.

June 10, 2001 - Elly at 13 1/2 year old.
June 10, 2001 - Elly at 13 1/2 years old.

Side view of Elly.

Video: June 10, 2001

Importers: Jon Curby, Damara Bolte', and Stan Carter, DVM

Owners: Jon and Vicki Curby then Diana Davis

Health testing and history: PPM and coloboma clear, HA clear, OFA BJ-147G61F-T (HD good). She has allergies of unknown cause. Now spayed. Taking Thyroid supplement.

Date of Death:
July 22, 2003

Cause of Death: Old age

Comments: Nice flowing movement with sound coming and going. Beautiful head and wrinkle with large but well hooded ears. She has a deep red coat and is 16 inches tall. She has an even bite. She became a nice pet but it took a long time for her to become used to her new home. She is an escape artist. A very protective mother and devoted to her pups. She won points in the USA and Canada.

Litters produced:

December 28, 1989 - 2 red males and 4 brindle 
females - Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Sire: Avongara Diagba (Br/W)
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African


Comments: Males: Unknown. - Females: Avongara's Debut of Breka (Br/W), Avongara Niobe (Br/W) and Avongara Shitalki (Br/W) were females from this litter who were bred from.

View of Elly's head.

December 30. 1990 - 3 males and 2 females -
red and whites - Breeders: Jon and Vicki Curby
Am. Ch. Sirius Half-Back
Am. Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight
Am. Ch. Caucasian Ruffles
Sire: Am. Ch. Sukari's Spot the Target, CD (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Dandy Deerstalker
Am. Ch. Pendragon's Sugarbabe of Kazor,
CDX, F.Ch.
Pendragons Little Bit

Comments: Males: Am. Ch. Kibushi Prime Target(R/W 04), Kibushi Marksman at Jasiri (R/W 01) and Kibushi Khenti Amenti (R/W 02) - Female: Kibushi Gorgi (R/W 03). Prime Target was the first champion male half-African in the USA. He is a large appearing dog with something of a long back with the typical rise over the loin seen in many of the Africans. He is not overly confident in strange situations. There was one other from the litter who was shown but did not finish his title. Kibushi Khenti Amenti was bred from. A pet from the litter, Kibushi Marksman of Jasiri was 18" square at nine months old. He moved wide behind. He had a super short coat and tons of wrinkle. He would do anything for food and learned obedience very quickly.

December 10, 1991 - 4 red & 1 saddled tri
males and 4 females, 2 red/white & 2 saddle tri -
Breeder: Diane Davis - HM388340
          Unknown African
Avongara Diagba (Br/W)
Unknown African
Sire: Avongara Rudi (R/W)
Unknown African
Avongara M'Bliki (Br/W)
Unknown African

Comments: : Males: Avongara Kibeti Tazama (R/W 08), Avongara Baraka (R/W 09) and Avongara Winchester (R/W 06) - Females: Avongara Durcella of Jamadi (R/W 07), Avongara Diari of Jamadi, JC (R/W 03) and Avongara Princess Peanut (R/W 02). Some of the puppies in this litter had strong temperament problems. We kept three pups from this litter and Elly herself while the other six pups which were not promising at the time went back to the Curbys. Both of the puppy bitches we kept had strong temperaments. At three months we decided to keep Topper (Durcella) and sell Diari. The male we placed in a show home was much nicer than the girls but he escaped and was killed by a car. Princess Peanut is in the east and is producing. The runt of the litter had four incisors missing. The saddle tri bitch was as good as Topper but had a significant undershot jaw. They were all long in the loin.

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