The Basenji Club of America African Stock Project

Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara M'Bliki

Call name: "M'Bliki"
AKC number HD839005
Sex: Female Color: Brindle and White
Approximate date of birth: October 1987
Date of importation to U.S.A.: March 14, 1988
Area discovered in Africa: Uele District, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Importers: Jon Curby, Damara Bolte', and Stan Carter, DVM

Owner: Damara Bolte'


Health testing and history: PPM & cloboma clear, HA clear, OFA BJ-80G61F (HD good).

Date of Death: July 26, 2003

Cause of Death:

Comments: Delightful outgoing personality. M'Bliki is intelligent, biddable and adaptable. She is a little long in loin and her tail is a loose curl. Her shoulders are very well laid back and the line from neck through her shoulders is particularly nice. She retired with 7 AKC points.

Side view of M'Bliki.


M'Bliki in Africa.
M'Bliki as she was found in Africa.

Video: M'Bliki in Africa

Litters produced:

November 21, 1989 - all males,  1 red/white 
and 4 brindle/white: 1 very dark, 2 medium
and 2 red brindles - Breeder: Damara Bolte'
            Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African
Sire: Avongara Diagba
Unknown African
Unknown African
Unknown African


Comments: Males: Avongara Kweli, Avongara Bahati Nasibu (Br/W), Avongara Bote, CDX (Br/W), Avongara Donner, CD (Br/W), Avongara Blixen of Clayridge (Br/W) and Avongara Rudi (R/W). Brindle pups went from a very dark brindle to moderate brindle. They have good shoulder layback but tended to be quite long in back. Tails could have been curlier. All these males except Blixen have produced pups.

  Front view of M'Bliki.

July 26, 1991 - 3 red and white males and 1 red and
white and 1 brindle and white females -
Breeder: Damara Bolte' - HM361990
            Am. Ch. Reveille Re-Up
Am. Ch. Reveille Do Be Sirius
Am. Ch. Makila Motane Moke
Sire: Am. Ch. Termay Dial Reveille (R/W)
Am. Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight
Am. Ch. Termay Killarney
Am. Ch. Adara's Old Fashioned

Comment: Males: Reveille Calypso Trapper (R/W 04 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF (96, 01)), Reveille Trader (R/W 03) and Reveille Hunter (R/W 05) - Females: Reveille Savannah at Kazor (R/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF (97)) and Reveille Zaireoise (Br/W 01 OFA-Excellent, CERF (95)). Zaireoise is very similar to M'Bliki in appearance and personality. Good shoulder layback and rear angulation, she is a bit long and dippy in back, down somewhat in pastern. She has a wonderful temperament. Both Savannah and Zaireoise have champion offspring. All but Hunter were bred from. Per Trapper's owner: "Outgoing & friendly. Good judge of character. Excellent health, does not look his age (13). Strong teeth, never a problem with tartar." Has produced undershot bite.

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