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204 Agility Events

Kinte ClothAgility Photo: K. McNeill

Agility for me has been a journey of learning and joy. Here in the USA there are many different agility organizations, but the objective of all of them is to have fun with your dog while successfully navigating a challenging course of obstacles in a timely manner.

Each qualifying run, or Q, brings the dog/handler team closer to a title. Each run embodies countless hours of bonding through training and play. Dogs compete off leash and the handler is not allowed to touch the dog or the obstacles, but we are allowed to encourage and talk to our dogs.  In watching an agility trial, what you will see with most runs is a celebration of the human-dog bond. Click this LINK to view a basenji at his first agility trial.

Practicing Agility


Basenji competing in agility

This course is designed as a brief overview of agility in the US for those of you who are looking for something fun to do with your basenji. Perhaps you have heard of agility or seen snippets of it on TV or YouTube and wanted some more general information. This is not designed to be a complete in depth book nor is it a training manual. Links for more information will be supplied, but to start your own basenji in agility, I would encourage you to look for a local positive training facility.

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Venues for Agility in the USA

Finding an Agility Class


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