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Finding An Agility Class For Your Basenjis

If you’ve decided that you would like to try agility with your basenji, you will want to find a good class. It is important to start training your new superstar correctly as it is easier to train right from the beginning than it is to re-train later on. The best way to find a good agility class is to ask local exhibitors. You can usually find these people at agility trials. You can find local events by looking online at the links given for each agility club. Agility trials welcome spectators. Don’t be afraid to ask other people watching any questions you may have, but please be respectful of people getting ready to go into the ring.

Once you’ve found a couple of different agility training facilities, ask if you can watch a class to get a feel of how the classes are structured. Classes should be organized, use positive methods and trainers should be respectful of both students and their dogs.

Trainers should have competed in agility for several years and have titled dogs in agility. Ideally, your trainer will have worked with some more challenging breeds. If the class doesn’t feel right in your gut, keep looking or ask about other trainers. Most basenjis starting on their agility career will need to go through a foundations class. This class may or may not have obstacles, but once you have the foundations down, learning the obstacles will be easy. The challenging part of agility is working as a team, not learning the obstacles so be patient in getting to the obstacle training. All of that work will pay off.

Don’t get discouraged if you feel like other dogs are learning quicker than your pup. Dogs learn different things at different rates and the class superstar today may have a lot of difficulty learning something else a few weeks later.

Most importantly, enjoy the dog you have.

This Basenji is easily distracted at her first Agility Trial.

Agility is about the journey. Click this LINK to view a basenji at debut trial.

The same Basenji at her third trial about three months later is greatly improved!

Agility is working together. Click this LINK to view the same basenji her third trial.


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