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204 History of Agility

Kinte Cloth

Agility is one of the newest dog sports and it has been growing exponentially during its short history. Agility started as a way to entertain the audience at the Crufts dog show between the conformation and obedience competitions. What was presented to the audience was a mix of jumps (much like jumping competitions from the horse world) and obstacles based on training exercise for RAF/police dogs. Here is a brief history of the sport of agility just so you can see how quickly this little exhibition has grown into a full-fledged sport.

Agility Timeline

1978 — Exhibition at Crufts

1979Several clubs in England were offering classes

1980Agility recognized by The Kennel Club (England) as an official sport with guidelines and rules

Early 1980’sAgility exhibitions in the US

1984 — Charles (Bud) Kramer began to develop the National Committee for Dog Agility (NCDA) which later merged with UKC (in 1994)

1987USDAA (US Dog Agility Assoc) was incorporated under the guidance of Kenneth Tatsh

Bonga was first agility BasenjiEarly 1990’sAustralian Shepherd Club of America developed an agility program

1993Sharon Nelson founded North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)

1993 — First Basenji agility title was won at UKC events by UCD Quietus Bonga, CDX, F.Ch., AG.    Photo right ››››››

1994First AKC agility trial held

1995Alabiss Too Good To Be True, CD was the first to win a USDAA agility title

1995Sukari's Akuaba the Hustler, UDX, SC, F.Ch. obtained the first AKC agility title, an NA (Novice Agility). She was quickly followed by Alabiss Too Good To Be True, CD obtaining her NA in the same year.

2012 — The first Basenji Master Agility Champion is Feigh, MACH/ FC Eldorado's Y's African Sinbaje CDX, RE, SC, FCH, GRC, NAC, WV-O, TN-N, HP-N who completed the requirements on March 2. The first Basenji Preferred Agility Champion is Drew, PACH/ CH/ FC Sinbaje's Picture Perfect CDX, RE, SC, FCH, OA, OAJ, MXP6, MJP6, PAX, NCC, NJC, OAC, TG-N, WV-O, HP-N, TN-O who completed the requirements on March 4.

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