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Imports after 1988

Zande du Congo M'Bwa

Call name: "Zande"
Sex: Female Color: Black, tan and white (capped)
Approximate Date of Birth: 
Date of Importation to Ukraine.: August 4, 2005
Area discovered in Africa: DRC, outside Isiro

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Owner:  Oleg Kunich

Importer: Alex Kondakov

Health testing and history:

Date of Death: 

Cause of Death:

Comments: Clever, very independent and self-confident, strong-willed, stubborn, curious dog. Very good temperament with humans. Tries to be a leader among other dogs. Sporty, loves to run. Very strong hunting instinct. Rather tall - 43cm (16.92
inches). On the whole corresponds to the standard. The coat is rather wiry and long although at first it was short and smooth. It changed when she was about two years old, probably due to climate.

Litters produced: none


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