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Imports after 1988

Avuvi Wafi

Call name: "Wafi"
Not registered
Sex: Male Color: Red and White
Approximate date of birth: March 8, 2004
Date of importation to U.S.A.: July 27, 2004
Area discovered in Africa: Five miles west of Allada, Benin

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Under investigation

Importers: Robert Dean, Christ Starace, & Nestor Djossou.

Owners: Rose Duddleson & Robert Dean

Health testing and history: Iris to iris PPM strand in left eye, HA clear, bad underbite.

Date of Death:

Cause of Death:

Comments: Littermate to Avuvi Kuoabo. Imported with his brother and 4 other pups. He may carry recessive red, but that has not yet been confirmed. We are awaiting DNA tests to determine if he and his littermate have the same sire. Outstanding temperament. Very gregarious. Constant yodeller.


Wafi's passport photo.
 Wafi's passport photo.

Wafi, Honey, Kuoabo, & Kudo in Africa.



No Litters produced:


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