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Bongo of Blean

Call name: "Bongo"
Sex: Male Color: Red and White
Approximate date of Birth: March 1935
Date of importation to U.K.: Christmas Eve, 1936
Area discovered in Africa: Belgian Congo

Sire: N'Joku (Moko x Fiote)
Dam: Tisandu (Manjan Ja x Sukari)

Breeder: Sedive of Iofa

Importer: Mrs. O. Burn

Health testing and history:

Date of Death: 1939

Cause of Death: Distemper

Comments: From Veronica Tudor-Williams' 1946 book:
". . . most beautiful little dog. In both looks and disposition he gave the breed a wonderful start, and apart from a few minor faults can always be looked upon as a model of what a Basenji should be. He was an ideal size, with a bright red coat and attractive white markings, whilst his movement was a joy to watch. His soundness, neat legs and feet, general compactness, spring of rib, level top and strong quarters, were outstanding. His faults were, he was a little heavy in coat, his head could have been finer, and he was a trifle thick-set, especially round the neck and shoulders, whilst his tail, compared to the best home-breds, might have had more curl."

Side view of Bongo.


Head shot of Bongo.



Litters produced:

June 4, 1936 -1 male and 4 females - red and white-
Breeder Mrs. O. Burn
Dam: Bokoto of Blean


Comments: This breeding was made before the dogs left Africa and this litter was actually born in quarantine. Dog: M'Boi of Blean - Females: Foxie of Blean, Princess Child, Rougie of Blean and Vix of Blean had a name change to Vix of Greengold. Records find that Foxie of Blean was bred to Bachwa of Blean in 1938 (four puppies) and Bungwa of Blean in 1938 (three puppies). Vix of Greengold had a 1939 litter sired by Kwango of the Congo (two puppies).

January 28, 1937 - 2 males and 3  females - red and 
white - Breeder Mrs. O. Burn
Dam: Bereke of Blean

Comments: Males: Bachwa of Blean and Crowned King - Females: Bakuti of Blean, Basashi of Blean, K'Impi renamed K'Impi of the Congo. Bachwa of Blean had two litters by Bokoto of Blean and Foxie of Blean (1937-1938, six puppies). Crowned King had no litters. Bakuti of Blean had one litter sired by Bashele of Blean in 1937 (three puppies). K'Impi of the Congo had litters between 1938 and 1940 by these sires: Bashele of Blean (one puppy), Kobbi of the Congo (four puppies) and Simolo of the Congo (one puppy).

December 26, 1937 - 1 male and 3 females - red and 
whites - Breeder Mrs. O. Burn
Dam: Bereke of Blean

Comments: Dog: Kwango of the Congo - Females: Balika of Blean, Butani of Blean and Bakilu of Blean. Kwango of the Congo sired ten litters betwen 1939 and 1941 from these dams: Chloe of the Congo (three puppies), Vix of Greengold (two puppies), Senji of the Congo (five puppies), Bokoto of Blean (one puppy), Koo Koo of the Congo (six puppies), Kasui of the Congo (four puppies), Kinkajou of the Congo (one puppy), Arminta (two puppies), Kaoli of the Congo (five puppies), and repeating to Chloe of the Congo (nine puppies). Bailika of Blean had a single puppy litter by Bosandi of Blean in 1940. Butani of Blean had no progeny. Bakilu of Blean had two litters with these sires: 1938, Bosandi of Blean (four puppies) and 1940, Silvercaul Solomano (two puppies).

Descendants of early stock from "of the Congo".
Left to right: K'Imi, Kwango, Kookoo, Kasui
and Kavirondo - all "of the Congo" and from early stock.

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