The Basenji University

College for Basenji Judges

This College was developed especially for judges and those thinking of becoming Basenji judges. There are several courses which should deepen your understanding of the Basenji breed's standard, its history and their hunting style. Breeders will find the information here very useful as well.


401 1990 AKC Approved Standard for the Basenji.

In 2009 BCOA wrote a letter addressing the acceptability of the brindle-pointed-tri coat color/pattern in Basenjis for the AKC Judge's Newsletter. Click here to read for this letter

Retabling Basenjis: BCOA offers advice on multiple dogs on the examining table.

Study Aid Course 401: Learn the Standard with Flash Cards

Workbook Course 401

402 BCOA Judge Education Presentation

The chairperson of the Judges' Education Committee has prepared this presentation for judges' study groups and with a few modifications, it is presented here.

Voice-Over Slide Show  In 2011 the slide show was set to a voice-over presentation.

Please note: These presentations are intended as aids for those interested in learning more about the Basenjis. They in no way constitutes a change in the official standard for the Basenji.

Notice regarding Re-Tabling Basenjis

402 Online Quiz: Try out your knowledge with this self-graded online quiz with questions prepared by Judge Education Chairperson Marianne Klinkowski.

Workbook Course 402

There are also a presentations on the standard at The College for Basenji Breeders prepared from different perspectives.

403 Study Aids and Articles

These are study aids prepared by BCOA and previously published articles representing a diversity of opinions. They have been prepared at various times in the breed's history.

The #403 course is also offered as #303 for Basenji Breeders.

Workbook Course 403

404 Practical Canine Anatomy

This is a course offered in conjunction with the Basset Hound University. It is an excellent source of information on what terms used for dogs and in breed standards mean. A certificate of complete can be obtained from this course from BHU and this certificate is required to graduate from the Basenji University College of Basenji Judging. Obtain this course by clicking here.

405 You be The Judge

Not yet available.

409 Useful Books About Basenjis

The books which attempt to explain the Basenji

Contact the Basenji Club of America's Judge Education Chairperson to learn about upcoming seminars and mentoring possibilities. Contact Marianne Klinkowski.

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