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These Study Aids and Articles have been offered over the years.
They represent only the opinion of each author.

Ring Procedures

Suggestions for Judging Procedures by the BU with judges and exhibitors

BCOA Publications on the Basenji Standard

Illustrated Standard prepared by Judges Education in 2012

A Review of the Basenji Standard by the Basenji Club of America 1990

AKC Slide Show on the Basenji Standard: This slide show was developed by AKC in collaboration with BCOA in 1983 and is based on the 1954 Basenji Standard.

On the Standard

Animations and Videos of Trotting Basenjis

The Basenji: Africa's Breed by Marianne Carden Klinkowski

Judging Basenjis by Doreen Duffin

Description in Detail by Veronica Tudor-Williams

Illustrations of Basenjis by Damara Bolte

Comments on the Basenji Head by Veronica Tudor-Williams

True Type of Native Basenji Head by Veronica Tudor-Williams

Breeders Talk About Basenjis by Sheila Smith, Diane Laue, Damara Bolte, Ross Newmann, Shirley Chambers

The Wrong Impression by Robert Cole

One Word by Robert Cole

Illustrations from "The Basenji Illustrated" by Robert Cole

Movement and Proportion Discussion:  A 1978 review of Robert Cole's book "The Basenji Illustrated" sparked a lively and interesting discussion on movement in The Basenji magazine.  This is a compilation of those articles and letters.

On the Origin and Functions
The next three articles discuss the Basenji in their native land.  Additional information on Origins is available at #103 Basenji Timeline

The Barkless Dogs of the Congo by Olivia Burn

Nature's Masterpiece: The Basenji by Bernice Walker

History and Function of the Ancient Basenji by Sandra L. Bridges


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