Ballots and Meeting Minutes Archives

Click on the links below for BCOA Board ballots in yearly batches and Annual Board and BCOA Annual Meeting Minutes.  The BCOA Secretary adds to this archive early in each year.

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At this time all the Club documents are available for you to view.   In the future login details will be set up for BCOA Club members. 


Bulletin Archives

The issues are listed by year.  Click on the year below to reach the links to the Bulletin Boards from that year.

If you have any very old Bulletins, please contact the Historian to arrange for them to be copied for the archive.


Club Documents

Here you can find documents regarding the Club such as the Constitution, Code of Practices and the membership application form.

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Members-Only Documents

Access these documents by clicking on the active links:

Club Documents

Policy Manual

Rescue Policy

Roster Guidelines

Standing Committee Descriptions

Supported Entry Application

Regional Designated Specialty Procedures

Regional Application Form

Reimbursement for Expenses Form

Judges Mentor Application Form

Breeder Directory Listing Request

eBallot Option


Documents for the National Specialty

National Specialty Procedures

Appendix A - Premium List

Appendix B - Awards & Medallions

Appendix C - Schedule of Dates

Appendix D - Site Proposal Form

Appendix E - Events & Classes

Appendix F - Chart of Accounts

Appendix G - Managing a BCOA National Store

African Stock Exhibition Procedures

Lure Coursing Procedures



BCOA's Letter − 2009 letter to "AKC's Judges Newsletter" for clarification regarding Basenji color

BU Petition received on October 13, 2010

Letter of apology in March 2011 from printer of "The Bulletin"


Past National Reference Website


If you are a previous webmaster for a National Specialty and still have the website saved, please contact the Webmaster This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss placing it in the BCOA archives on this page.

Inventory of Oklahoma State University BCOA archives

The inventory can be checked out HERE

Members-Only Documents

These documents and archives of ballots, meeting minutes, Bulletins, Bulletin Boards, Announce mailings and the Detailed Health Considerations are currently available to everyone.

The Members Links menu for these documents appears on this page.


The Basenji Archives

The Basenji was a privately published magazine about the breed.  It started with a July 1964 issue by Minnie K Hill (Editor) and Francis L Hill (Manager).  The magazine ownership was transferred a few times over the years.  Past Editors Susan Coe and Lisa Auerbach have agreed to the BCOA putting many of the issues online as PDFs.  The scanning and preparation for uploading will be done over time starting with the oldest issues.

The issues are listed by year.  Click on the year below to reach the links to the The Basenji from that year.

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