The Basenji Club of America African Stock Project

Registered Foundation Stock-1990

Avongara Wele

Call name: "Wele"
AKC number HD839003
Sex: Male Color: Black, Tan and White
Approximate date of birth: January 1988
Date of importation to U.S.A.: March 14, 1988
Area discovered in Africa: Uele District, Zaire

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Importers: Jon Curby, Damara Bolte', and Stan Carter, DVM

Owners: James and Cathy Swayze

Health testing and history: minor PPM, coloboma clear, HA clear

Date of Death: 1991

Cause of Death: Accident

Comments: A very exuberant and athletic fellow who was once found standing on the roof. His tail was a big loop but it did lie down. He had a nice short, glossy, pliant coat with normal tri markings.

Side view of Wele.

Front view of Wele.
Litters produced:
Produced no litters - never bred



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