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Avongara Siri of Brushy Run, JC

Call name: "Siri"
AKC number HM691063-04
Sex: Female Color: "Cream" and White
(Breeder tried to register her as blue-fawn and white but AKC did not have that option for Basenjis)
Date of Birth: January 19, 1997

Sire: Avongara Adabu
Dam: Avongara Diari of Jamadi, JC

Breeder: Beverly A. Bland
Owner: Beverly A. Bland

Health testing and history: CERF BJ744 (2/2000-37), OFA-Hips: BJ-922G39F-T (good), OFA-Elbows: BJ-EL42F39-T (normal), OFA-Patella: BJ-PA4/39/F/P-T (normal-practitioner), DNA Profile # V111365. OFA-Cardiac: BJ-CA30/78F/C-PI.

Date of Death: December 2012

Cause of Death: Old Age

Comments: Siri is the proper size with full dentition and a correct bite. She is friendly and accepting of strangers and has an outgoing playful disposition. She loves to give kisses and do tricks for treats. She is very healthy and eats anything and everything with gusto. When the fruit trees or grape vines are very ripe she and her sister, Njozi, will pull and eat several pounds of fruit at a time.
 From birth her hairs reflected color like a million tiny crystals. Her eyes were blue when they opened, but as she got older they turned blue-green, then a hazy green. They currently are best described as a liquid version of her coat color. Her eye rims, lips and nose pigment are a very dark charcoal.
 During the summer her coat is a milky chocolate color. During the winter it can be slightly lighter. Regardless of the time of year her coat color can appear to vary from milky chocolate to light bluish grey in different backgrounds or under different light.

Siri standing.

View of Siri's head.

Courtesy Beverly Bland.
July 12, 2002

September 18, 2005

Video: 1999 BCOA National Speciality


Litters produced:

January 7, 2000 – 2 red/white males & 3 red/white 
females – Breeder: Beverly Bland – HM881365
           Unknown African
Avongara Gangura (Br/W)
Unknown African
Sire: Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CGC, CDX
Unknown African
Avongara Zamee (R/W)
Unknown African



Comments: Males: Avongara Simba of Brushy Run, JC (R/W 02) and Avongara Niles of Brushy Run (R/W 04) - Females: Avongara Tico of Brushy Run, JC (R/W 01), Avongara C-Quests Brushy Run (R/W 03) and Avongara SkyHi of Brushy Run (R/W 05).

Jan. 7, 2000 litter.

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