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Avongara Painted Lady

Call name: "Pippi"
AKC number HM801757-06
Sex: Female Color: Black, Tan and White (capped)
Date of Birth: September 30, 1998

Sire: Avongara Ostentatious Oscar
Dam: Avongara Princess Peanut

Breeder: Dave and Amber Finnigan
Owner: Donna Lubbe

Health testing and history: OFA-Hips: BJ-1772E93F-PI (excellent) OFA-Elbow: BJ-EL156F93-PI (normal). OFA-Patella: BJ-PA62/93F/P-PI (normal). OFA-Thyroid: BJ-TH91/93F-PI (normal). CERF: BJ-1333N (06).

Date of Death: August 26, 2012

Cause of Death: Stroke

Comments: Avongara Painted Lady a.k.a Pippi the unchallenged undisputed house princess. It could be said that Pippi is a little spoiled, but if you were being truthful, she is a lot spoiled. She has a propensity to tell her owner when she should get up in the morning, go to bed and how much lap time she is entitled too. It has been confirmed that Pippi opens the refrigerator when she wants the treats in it.
 Pippi is a capped tri, or open faced tri. Her tri coat has clear definite lines of demarcation, with bright intense rich colors. Her head is pleasing with well set dark eyes and mascara. Pippi has a correct scissor bite with full dentation. She has well placed hooded ears that are somewhat small and mobile. Her neck is of adequate length that flows into her shoulders, slightly fuller at the throat than the shoulders. Topline is level, she is a little longer in back but not in loin. Her tail is well set with a full tight curl. She presents and over all balanced outline, with adequate angulation but front and rear. She is wider in chest, clean coming, somewhat close in the rear, with a smooth flowing gait, better than adequate reach and drive. Well let down hocks. She has correct compact feet with well arched toes. Her faults are that she is a little heavy in the front and shorter on leg than what would be preferred.
 Pippi is very aloof when presented with new situations or people. She meets people on her own terms and she makes her own judgement on whether or not she will honor someone with her attention. Once that judgement has been made she is extremely affectionate. Pippi displays the typical African attention to detail when investigating new areas. She is accepting of new animals including strange dogs, very mothering of puppies. Pippi has an insatiable curiosity and anything everything must be throughly investigated.

Pippi lying down.

BCOA 2001 National.
BCOA 2001 National

Video: 2001 BCOA National

Litters produced - none:

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