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Imports prior to 1987

Nyanabiem of Tonj

Call name:
Sex: Female Color: Mahogany, Tan and White
Approximate date of Birth: June 1, 1937
Date of importation to U.K.: 1938
Area discovered in Africa: South Sudan

Sire: Moin Deet
Dam: Ting Deet

Breeder: Capt. M. G. Richards

Importer: Capt. M. G. Richards

Health testing and history:

Date of Death:

Cause of Death: Died two years after arriving in England of an enlarged spleen due to malaria.

Comments: From Veronica Tudor-Williams 1954 book: ". . .greatly admired for her wonderful coat and exceptionally fine, dainty type. Her death . . . was a severe loss to the breed."

Side view of Nyanabiem of Tonj
This is noted in the article as a poor photo of a nice bitch.


Nyanabiem of Tonj front view.

No litters produced:

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