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Avongara Imba Tena

Call name: "Fido"
AKC number HM678202-03
Sex: Male Color: Brindle and White
Date of Birth: December 19, 1996

Sire: Avongara Bahati Nasibu
Dam: Avongara N'Gola

Breeder: Wilma P. Bauer
Owner: Susan R. Coe. From 2001 Kim (Brallier) Byrd.

Health testing and history: OFA-Hips: BJ-727G24M-T. CERF: BJ-687 (99, 00, 05). OFA-Fanconi: BJ-FAC861/129M-PI.

Date of Death:

Cause of Death:

Comments: A long backed dog. He doesn't move well behind (too close) but is sound coming to you. He is not a very brave dog. His front is quite good with well-angulated shoulders and upper arms. He has strong feet that could be a bit smaller. While he is not terribly tall, he is a large appearing dog with substantial bone. His head, while not great is not out of proportion to the rest of him. He has the most lovely eyes which his children seem to be inheriting. He is dominant and aggressive with other males. He is a noisy dog often moaning and groaning loudly when he feels he needs attention. At three years old, this dog has finally begun to look more mature with his topline much flatter and his body leaner with more muscling then it was for his first two years. Lovely brindle coloring and bright, clean white markings.

Fido's side view.
Photo taken in September, 1999

Fido sitting.
Photo taken in summer 1998



Litters produced:

December 8, 1998 – 1 brindle/white male & 3 brindle/
white and 1 red/white females – Breeders: Pam Geoffroy
and Sheila Lund – HM808106
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over the
Rainbow (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. Sunkis Dream Weaver to Eldorado
Kibushi Labrea (Br/W)
Cin-Jas Sunkiss Splash (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Cin-Jas Annies Star of Hope (R/W)


Comments: Male: Am. Ch. Eldorado's Houdini (Br/W 04) – Females: Am. Ch. Eldorado's Hocus Pocus (Br/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF: (00, 07).OFA-Fanconi-Prob. Clear), Eldorado's Henna (R/W 03), Am. Ch. Eldorado's Halcyon (Br/W 01) and Eldorado's Habanera (Br/W 05, AKC has spelling Habawera). Not a truly consistent litter. However toplines were quite good and several of them are strong moving with very good side-gait.

December 19, 1998 – 1 brindle/white and 1 red/white 
male & 1 brindle/white and 2 red/white females – Breeder:
Kim Brallier - HM809376
       Am. Ch. AB Lazer the Mischief Maker (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Billy the Kid (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba Candu Aces High (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. KISA Renegade Red (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. KISA Give Me A Whirl (R/W)
Am. Ch. Changa's Trialot for Gala (tri)

Comments: Males: Am. Ch. KISA Braveheart (R/W 01) and KISA Brave Bear (Br/W 03) – Females: KISA Bravisima (R/W 02), KISA Brave Soul (R/W 04) and Am. Ch. Akuaba's Brazen KISA (Br/W 05 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF: (01, 02)). Growth was much slower than my American bred puppies, i.e. ears standing, body maturity. Particularly nice coat colors with big white collars and texture, dark eyes and pigment. The shoulder layback was quite good so they have quite a nice smooth stride. Toplines overall were level, feet were good although some were a bit large. The two females could have used a bit more length of leg. The males had more bone and tended to appear larger than their American counterparts. Tailsets were very good on four of them. All the puppies had sweet temperaments, but were not their brave namesakes. They tended to be very cautious to new surroundings and people.

December 13, 1999 – 1 red/white male – Breeder:
Kathy Patterson – HM871158
       Kibushi Get Sirius (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Vim 'N Vigor at Sirius (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Sly Sassinak O'Sunjata (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. Akuaba's Sparkler (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's BJ Tempest (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kasai's Red I'm Not An Angel (R/W)


Comments: Male: Louie (R/W 01)

December 19, 1999 – 1 brindle/white male and 3 red/
white and 3 brindle/white females – Breeder: Carolyn
Shaske – HM866007
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over The
Rainbow (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. Itzyu Mustang Sally (R/W)
Am. Ch. Blucrest Gallant (tri)
Blucrest Itzyu High Flyer (R/W)
Blucrest Eb'Ny Elite (R/W)


Comments: Male: Jublie Song of Zaire (Br/W 01) – Females: Jublie's Make Time for Baby (R/W 03), Am. Ch. Akuaba's Jublie Time (R/W 04), Jublie My Time to Shine (Br/W 05) and Jublie's Twist in Time (Br/W 07). Quite a mix of pups in size and type. Several were quite promising show prospects. Twist in Time has been bred.

December 24, 1999 – 1 brindle/white, 1 red/white and 1 
trindle male & 1 brindle/white and 1 trindle female –
Breeder: Tom and Rita Pontes – HM876710
        Am. Ch. AB Lazer the Mischief Maker (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Billy the Kid (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba Candu Aces High (R/W)
Dam: Sadiki's Patriotic Pride (R/W)
Am. Ch. Hacker's Akuaba of Rwanda (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kivu Kalimba (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba N Terrarust Diva (Bl/W)


Comments: Males: Sadiki's Christmas Cheer (R/W 01), Sadiki's Jingle Bell Rock (Bl/Br/W 02) and Ch. Sadiki's Little Saint Nick (Br/W 05 OFA-Hips: Fair. CERF: (05)) – Females: Akuaba's Sadiki Holiday (Br/W 03) and Sadiki's Christmas Angel (Bl/Br/W 04). St. Nick (Nicki) and Holiday (Holly) are being shown and have points. Both are very nice and sound movers. Both could be shorter in body compared to their height. Nicki is a noisy dog like his dad but he does have a wonderful temperament. He always seems intent on having a good time. Holly is a dominant to other dogs and in people prefers women to men.


December 31, 1999 – 3 brindle/white and 1 red/white 
males – Breeder: Sheila Lund – HM876921
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over the Rainbow
Dam: Ch. Akuaba's Busybody from KISA (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba N Terrarust On Stage (R/W)
Am. Ch. DC's Red Sky Cleopatra (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kasai's Red I'm Not An Angel (R/W)


Comments: Males: Eldorado's Music Till Dawn (R/W 01), Am. Ch. Eldorado's Millennium at Majestic (Br/W 02), Am. Ch. Eldorado's Mark of Success (Br/W 03 OFA-Hips: Good, OFA-Thyroid: Normal (04), CERF: (01)) and Am. Ch. Eldorado's Mercedes Benz (Br/W 04 OFA-Hips: Good. Patellas: Normal). An attractive litter which was more uniform than many half-Avongara litters. The brindles all had good color and markings. Bites are all good. All of the pups could have had more length of leg. Nice temperaments.

January 27, 2000 – 2 red/white, 1 brindle/white and tri 
males & 1 red/white female – Breeder: Jim Icenogle &
Susan Coe – HM885767
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over the Rainbow
Dam: Am. Ch. Rwanda's National Treasure (R/W)
Am. Ch. Hacker's Shadow of Woz (R/W)
Am. Ch. Hacker's Rwanda by Ralie (R/W)
Am. Ch. Hacker's Ralie Ruwenzori (R/W)

Comments: Males: Am. Ch. Akuaba Keeps the Power (R/W 02), Akuaba's KISA Power Broker (Fula tri 03), Akuaba Overpowers Kasai (Br/W 04) and Akuaba Rwanda African Power (R/W 05) – Females: Am. Ch. Rwanda's Akuaba Pansy Power (R/W 01 OFA-Hips: Good, CERF: (00)). A nice moving litter of pups. Most could have more length of leg and shorter bodies. Good bites on all of them. Keeps the Power has some black in his coat (seen at 6 month of age) even as he matured. Power Broker, the Fula tri, has a beautiful tri coat, tight short hair with dark black and red markings.

November 24, 2000 – 4 red/white males & 2 black/
brindle/white females – Breeder: Jean Martin –
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Can. Ch. Timar's Zawadi (R/W)
Am. Ch. Timar's Kito of Hannalore (Tri)
Dam: Am. Ch. Timar's Renaissance (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Akuaba's Free Spirit at Timar (Capped Tri)
Avongara N'Gondi (R/W)


Comments: Males: Timar's Absolute Truth (R/W 03), UKC Ch.Timar's Machias (R/W 04 OFA-Hips: Good), Can. Ch. Timar's Mushika (R/W 05 OFA-Hips: Good) and Timar's Glittering Image (R/W 06) – Females: Timar's Glamorous Power (Bl/Br/W 01) and Timar's Mystical Path (Bl/Br/W capped 02). Quite a variety of size in the individuals in this litter. Mushika and Machias are being shown.

November 24, 2000 – 5 brindle/white males & 3 brindle/
white females – Breeder: Laurie Stargell – HM929243
       Am. Ch. Changa's Gala Celebration (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Hurricane (R/W)
Am. Guat. Ch. Young-Kwanza Over the Rainbow
Dam: Am. Ch. SkyHi's Make A Wish (R/W)
Avongara Gangura (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Rainbow Lily (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's BJ Tempest (R/W)


Comments: Males: Am. Ch. SkyHi's Power Outage (Br/W 01 OFA-Hips: Good. OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Car), SkyHi's Power Ranger (Br/W 04. OFA-Thyroid: Normal (08)), SkyHi-Jazetta All-Powerful Oz (Br/W 05 OFA-Hips: Good), SkyHi's Higher Power (Br/W 06) and SkyHi's Spirit of Power (Br/W 08) – Females: SkyHi's Absolute Power (Br/W 02 OFA-Hips: Excellent. OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Clear), SkyHi's Flower Power (Br/W 03) and SkyHi's Power Rio (Br/W 07). Power Outage has been bred.

November 28, 2000 – 6 males & 1 brindle/white female – 
Breeder: Kim Brallier – HM939934
       Am. Ch. AB Lazer the Mischief Maker (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Billy the Kid (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba Candu Aces High (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. KISA Renegade Red (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. KISA Give Me A Whirl (R/W)
Am. Ch. Changa's Trialot for Gala (tri)


Comments: Males: Ch. KISA Quicksilver (R/W 01), KISA Quicken (R/W 06) and KISA Q Tee Zeus (R/W 07) – Female: KISA Myone Zelda (Br/W 02). Not as flashy markings as the first litter. Coats are tight and smooth with short hair and beautiful color. the shoulder layback and movement is particularly nice. Loins are a bit long. Amount of bone is more apparent in the males than the one female. Quicksilver is very handsome and flashy and earned the first ever Group One win by a 1/2 African. His sidegait is awesome. Myone Zelda is shorter of leg, but has a nice brindle coat and pretty face. Her sidegait is lovely. Topline and feet are good. All puppies have sweet temperaments and were bolder than the previous litter. We attribute this to their early and extensive socialization.

January 9, 2001 – 3 red/white and 2 brindle/white 
males & 2 red/white females – Breeder: Christian
Jouanchicot – #LOF 5 BJ 0008 (France)
       Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Candu's Rocket Man (Bl/W)
Am. Ch. Fallohide Candu's Blacque Legacy
Dam: Multi-Ch. Main Attraction out of Africa (R/W)
Am. Can. Ch. Akuaba N Terrarust Opening Act
Multi. Ch. Jungle Bell out of Africa (Bl/W)
Multi. Ch. Hi-Hi Booh out of Africa (R/W)


Comments: Males: Safari Tour out of Africa (Br/W 06), Shadows on the Grass out of Africa (Br/W 07), Silence will Speak out of Africa (R/W 08) and Sydney Pollack out of Africa (R/W 09) – Females: Saga out of Africa (R/W 10) and Sunshine out of Africa (R/W 11).

December 15, 2001 – 1 brindle/white and 1 red/white 
males & 1 brindle/white, 1 black/brindle/white and 2 red/
white females – Breeder: Kristine Hagen – HP000587
       Am. Ch. Kazor's Vim N Vigor at Sirius (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Scorcher (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's BJ Tempest (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. Akuaba's Electra (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tropical Breeze (Tri)
Am. Ch. Ruwenzori's Tropical Dawn (Tri)

Comments: Males: Faded Rose's Rhihani of Afrika (Br/W 01) and Faded Rose's Spalding (R/W) - Females: Faded Rose's Sasha (Bl/Br/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good), Fadedrose divine Miss Kate (R/W 04), Faded Rose's Kirembo Tumba (R/W 06 OFA-Hips: Excellent). Spalding died in an accident as a puppy. Tumba is major pointed.

December 1, 2002 – Males: 1 brindle/white, 1 tri. 
Females: 1 red/white, 4 brindle/white – Breeder: Cindy
Russell and Bev Bland – HP032518
       Avongara Gangura (Br/W)
Avongara Zindiko Brushy Run, CDX, CGC (R/W)
Avongara Zamee (R/W)
Dam: Avongara C-Quests Brushy Run (R/W)
Avongara Adabu (R/W)
Avongara Siri of Brushy Run, JC (Cream/white)
Avongara Diari of Jamadi, JC (R/W)

Comments: Males: Avongara Figment of C-Quest (Br/W 04) and Avongara Fantasy of C-Quest (Tri 05) Females: Avongara Mystique of C-Quest (Br/W 01), Avongara Luna of Brushy Run (Br/W 02), Avongara Mirage of C-Quest (Br/W 03), Avongara Oasis of C-Quest (Br/W 06) and Avongara Enigma of C-Quest (R/W 07). Luna took Best Opposite Sex Puppy at the 2003 Oregon BCOA African Exhibition and became the first purebred Avongara to place so high.

December 7, 2002 – Males: 1 red/white and 2 brindle/
white. Males: 1 red/white and 1 brindle/white. – Breeder:
Linda Pence & John Donald – HP029713
       Am. Ch. Termay Dial Reveille (R/W)
Am. Can. Ch. Kudabin Baruh's Roebuckers (R/W)
Am. Can. Ch. Baruh's Kudabin A Flirt (R/W)
Dam: Ch. Baruh-Kudabin Deveilinareddress (R/W)
Am. Ch. Windsbraut By Jorj of Anubis (R/W)
Am. Ch. Yaz Katja Dancin' of Baruh (R/W)
Am. Ch. Sunnie Brie of Baruh (R/W)


Comments: Males: Baruh-Kudabin Sunkis Speakeasy (Br/W 01), Baruh-Kudabin Deuce Bigalow (R/W 03) and Can. Ch. Baruh-Kudabin Just A Gigolo (Br/W 04) Females: Baruh-Kudabin A Ror'N Flapper (Br/W 04) and Baruh-Kudabin Hifalutin' Floozie (R/W 05).

January 2, 2004 – 4 red/white females – Breeder: Kim & 
Dana Byrd – HP089333
       Am. Ch. AB Lazer the Mischief Maker (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Billy the Kid (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba Candu Aces High (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. KISA Renegade Red (R/W)
Am. Ch. Akuaba's Tornado, JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. KISA give Me A Whirl (R/W)
Am. Ch. Changa's Trialot For Gala (Tri)


Comments: Females: Am. Ch. KISA Last N Tradition (R/W 01 OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Car), Ch. KISA Last Tango In Virginia (R/W 02 OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Car), KISA Last Summer (R/W 03) and KISA Last But Not Least (R/W 04). Tango and Tradition are AKC pointed.

November 23, 2004 – Males: 1 brindle/white, 1 red/
white. Females: 1 brindle/white. – Breeder: Janice Kahl
and Jon Curby – HP135465
       Am. Ch. Reveille Boutonniere JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Tamba Kazor Abmis Nyanga (R/W)
Am. Ch. Kazor's Virtuous Virginia (R/W)
Dam: Am. Ch. Signet French Silk JC (R/W)
Am. Ch. Jamila's Jamadari (R/W)
Am. Ch. Signet Fleur De Lis (R/W)
Am. Ch. Signet Serendipity (Bl/W)

Comments: Males: Kibushi Jadaka's Song of Meowl (R/W 01 OFA-Hips: Excellent. CERF: (07) Breeder's Option Iris/Iris PPM, OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Clear), Kibushi Jadaka's Syncopation (Br/W 03) Female: Kibushi Jadaka's Sonata (Br/W 02 OFA-Hips: Good).

December 1, 2004 – Males: 3 brindle/whites. Female: 1 – 

Am. Ch. Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz
Am. Ch. Serengeti Hartland C Basie
Am. Ch. Serengeti Bushbabies Miranda

Dam: Am. Ch. Serengeti Copper Penny
Am. Ch. Music City Serengeti Jazzman

Am. Ch. Serengeti One O'Clock Jump
Am. Ch. Serengeti Hollyhock

Comments: Males: Serengeti Tanager (Br/W 02),  Serengeti Rum Tum Tigger  (Br/W 03, Serengeti Tattoo (Br/W 04). Female: Serengeti Toucan (01).
November 24, 2005 – Males: unknown. 
Females: unknown. – Breeder: Suzi Clark
– HP196492
       Avongara Mayibuye Afrika (Br/W)
Sonbar's Magic Leonardo CD JC AX AXJ (Br/W)
Am. Ch. Sonbar's Magic Venus CD
Dam: See Jungle Jayne Run JC
Am. Ch. Klassic's Eye Of The Tiger (Br/W)
Klassic Gebeep Hakuna Matata SC FCH LCM (Br/W)
Baruh's Jessica Hahnd FCH (R/W)
Comments: Males: Junglej's Magic IIihc's Coming (Br/W 01), Abrakadabra It's Jungle Magic (Br/W 03). Female: I Hope You Dance In The Jungle (Br/W 05).
February 3, 2006 – Male: 1 brindle/white. 
Females: 3 red/white and 1 brindle/white. –
Breeders: Pamela Geoffroy, Sheila Lund,
Terray Boomir and Simone Mullin – HP202025
       Aus. Grand ch. Wazazi Classic Lover (R/W)
Int/Fin/Swe/Nor/DK/Est Ch NW-02 Wazazi Grand

Aus. Ch. Wazazi Silver Jubilee
Dam: Am/Can. Ch. Terrrust N Beaubri 7th
Am/Can. Ch. Terrarust's Remote Control (R/W)
Am/Can/Int Ch. Terrarust N Beaurbri Special FX
Am/Can. Ch. Terrarust N Chokozi High Time
Comments: Male: Euthanized due to cleft palate. Females: BET Your Bottom Dollar (R/W 01), BET The Pot Of Gold (R/W 02 OFA-Fanconi: Prob-Clear), BET Half On Eldorado At Sternhimmels (R/W 03), BET On Striking Gold At Eldorado (Br/W 04).
December 2, 2006 – Males: 4 red/white, 2 brindle/white 
Females: 2 brindle/white. – Breeder: Betty Jo Bradshaw
– HP242364
       DC Bjoak's Undercover Kojac SC FCH (R/W)
Am Ch. Undercover Awhat's Red Hot (R/W)
Am Ch. Undercover Lady From Anubis (R/W)
Dam: Viento's Red Tsaya (R/W)
Am. Ch. Arubmec's Jon-Luke (R/W)
Am Ch. Viento's Tasha Yarr (R/W)
Viento's Solar Flair (R/W)
Comments: Males: Viento's Back To The Future (R/W 09 OFA-Fanconi: Prob-
Clear), Viento's Stripe Him Rich (Br/W 10), Viento's Prince Of Pipers (R/W 13), Viento's Red Rocket (R/W 14), Viento's Red Pollox (R/W 16). Females: Viento's Diamond In The Ruff (Br/W 11), Viento's Calisteo Striped Fury (Br/W 12).

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