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Champion (South Africa and Rhodesia) Binza of Laughing Brook

Call name: "Binza" and sometimes referred to as "Tiger"
Sex: Male Color: Brindle and White
Approximate date of Birth: February 1959
Date of importation to U.K.: 1959 and on to Rhodesia: 1960
Area discovered in Africa: South Sudan

Sire: Nguaguru (Bangiregene x Guga)
Dam: Wiringua (Ringotio x Dibeko)

Breeder: Chief Zungumbia

Importer: Michael Hughes-Halls

Health testing and history:

Date of Death: Unknown

Cause of Death: Euthanized

Comments: From Michael Hughes-Halls (Nov. 2000) "..reason (for importing to U.K.) was that as the dog was coming from an area where furious rabies was known to exist, and as that form of rabies did not then exist in Southern Rhodesia, I deemed it wise for the dog to do quarantine in the UK. There was no need for the dog to have done quarantine if he had flown direct to Southern Rhodesia. However, the other side of the coin was that if the dog was seen in the UK he would be seen to be of the outstanding quality that he was and maybe then some of the breeders would benefit from using him at stud. Veronica Tudor-Williams preferred that he did not stay in the UK so he came out to me in southern Rhodesia. It was a complete waste as I had only ONE bitch, Champion (South Africa and Rhodesia) Carmen of the Congo. There were then two other Basenjis in Southern Rhodesia, these belonged to a very dear friend of mine, Mrs Wynn Lyne-Stevens. The one was the dog Champion Vee of the Congo. This dog was the first Basenji Champion in Africa. Wynn also had the bitch, Candy of the Congo, which was the litter sister of Carmen, and they came out from the UK together." From Veronica Tudor-Williams 1976 book: "He had a very fine coat with nearly black stripes on a rich red ground, and was a true tiger-striped brindle. He was a beautifully constructed dog, full of Basenji type. His head was perfectly shaped, with a short fine muzzle, and fine wrinkles upon his forehead. He had the ideal small dark oblique eye, and exceptionally small ears set right on top of his head. His neck and shoulders were very good, with excellent legs and feet and good sound hindquarters. His movement was superb, with a long swinging stride. . . his tail could have had a tighter curl but . . . produced puppies with the best curls ever seen in the breed. For perfection Binza could have been a little shorter backed and, though he was a perfect size for a male in the English show ring, around 17 inches to the shoulder, he could have been smaller for a native dog, as the progeny always comes bigger than the native parents. His temperament was wonderful - outgoing, affectionate and obedient."

Side view of Binza.

Head of Binza.

Puppy Binza in Africa.
Puppy Binza in Africa.

Binza side view. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls.

Front view of Binza. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls.

Litters produced:

August 13, 1960 - One brindle male and one red 
female - Breeder: Michael Hughes-Halls
            Springbok of the Congo
Cinnamon of the Congo
Black Angel of the Congo
Dam: Champion (South Africa and Rhodesia)
Carmen of the Congo
Eng. Ch. Pongo of the Congo
Eng. Ch. Carnival of the Congo
Eng. Ch. Frolic of the Congo
Carmen with her puppies. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls.
Front view of M'Bunga. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls. Side view of M'Bunga. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls.


Comments: The litter was born in Salsbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe). The brindle male was Mahmoud bin Laughing Brook. He was not bred from because his bite was off. Michael Hughes-Halls writes (Nov. 2000) - "This dog was SLIGHTLY undershot because of the breeding behind Carmen of the C. Veronica TW told me that there was breeding in her stock that was undershot, and she had had it corrected by a dentist in London. Mahmoud ended up with the British South Africa Police. I have somewhere a newspaper cutting with a very good photo of the dog. He was very good type. For the moment I cannot recall the name of the Police dog handler who took him, but he was eventually the dog handler for a security guard firm in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He was useless as a security dog for police work, as could be expected from any Basenji. They are not a suitable breed, but he thought maybe he would be a good tracker. Well, he was not."
Binza with Mahmoud. Photo courtesy Michael Hughes-Halls.
The red and white female M'Bunga of Laughing Brook was exported to England where she did have one litter sired by Eng. Ch. Fleet of the Congo in 1962. There were bite problems in the litter. From that litter, Black M'Bitsi of the Congo (tri) produced a litter of four pups and M'Bi of the Congo produced one litter of five puppies. Progeny from these two litters went to America, South Africa, Canada, Bermuda and Norway.

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