The Information below is for dogs
who are now applying for approval
to be registered as Foundation Stock.

In brief, the application procedures include the submission of thee color photographs (front and both sides) of the dog, as well as photos of any offspring, import details, ownership and health testing results.  Three hands-on evaluations are also required: one from a long-time breeder, one from an AKC basenji-breeder judge, and one from an AKC breed judge qualified to judge basenjis.  Scores are defined as: 0 – Unacceptable, 1 – Poor, 2 – Fair, 3 – Good, 4 – Very Good, 5 – Excellent.  An average score of Fair (2) or better is required for submission to the Board of Directors.  A majority Board vote of approval is required for submission of the dogs for the general membership vote.  A two-thirds approval vote of the membership on the dogs organized by area of import is required for inclusion into the stud book.

The one dog listed below applied to be voted on this year as new foundation stock. There are links to her details. She must be voted on by the membership to complete the approval process following approval by the Board.

For more details about the application procedures, please see Petition to Open the AKC Studbook for Native Stock Basenjis: Click Here or the Procedures for Submitting Native Stock: Click Here.   To see the dogs who applied in 2008 and were approved early in 2009 Click Here.  To see the dogs who applied in 2009 and were approved in early in 2010 Click Here.  To see the dogs who applied in 2010 and were approved in early in 2011Click Here. Applicants approved in 2012 Click Here. Applicants approved in 2013 Click Here.


Avongara Kiri

Avongara Maha Gany photo



Avongara Kiri

Application:  Download PDF

Proof of origin:   Download PDF     

Photos:   Download PDF  

Evaluations:  Download PDF 

Litter Produced:   None

Link to Video:

Average Evaluation Score:  3.33  Good +

BCOA Board of Directors vote: Approved Ballot 2016-15. Ballot published in April 2016 Bulletin Board.

Membership voted approval

AKC Registration #HP52215501

Link to OFA: Kiri 's health test results here.