The Basenji University

College for Basenji Owners

Welcome to the world of Basenjis. As a prospective or new owner this is the place to learn the basics about Basenjis.  What are Basenjis really like, where can I meet or find one and how should a Basenji be raised to be a great pet!  

Additionally in this College there is a Coloring Book for children (or adults) and an ever expanding historic timeline on the Basenji.

There is more basic information on the Basenji Club of America website's About Basenjis as well as the information presented in this College.

 Learn and enjoy!


101 Owners Guide

Thinking of a Basenji? Nearly ready to bring your puppy home?  Just brought home a puppy?  Suggestions on how to find and raise a Basenji you can live with are included at this link.

Study Aid Course 101: Flash Cards

Workbook Course 101

102 Coloring Book

You may download some of the pages from the 2009 Basenji coloring book for your children to color at this link.  Each page has a message regarding how to treat and care for your Basenji.

103 Basenji Timeline

A history of the Basenji breed from its ancient beginnings in Africa to today. Highlights of the Basenji breed's journey from its past in Africa to your home!

Workbook Course 103

104 Books to Read

Here are some books you can look for and read about Basenjis. There are more than you may think!


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