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Kinte Cloth

Tracking with Your Basenji

This is an overview of the titles and training. Liza Lundell's has included personal experiences of training her Basenji, Amelia.

A Tracker's Journey

This article by Terry Cox Fielder appeared in the BCOA Bulletin (APR/MAY/JUN ’13). It reviews tracking titles and history.

Flyball with a Basenji

Kate Harward had a breed first with the First Flyball Basenji Champion. Read about doing Flyball with a Basenji in this article reprinted from a 1999 Bulletin.

K9 Nose Work®

This article about nose work with basenjis appeared in the BCOA Bulletin (APR/MAY/JUN ’13).

Hand Me Your Head and Beyond

Useful tricks involving the Basenji's head and Restraint

Grooming Toenails

A very useful trick for the keep your Basenji's toenails short.

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