Foy Trent Dog Shows is the superintendent for the National Specialty and the 3 following Supported Shows with the events taking place at Purina Farms, Grey Summit, Missouri.  The Supported Show entries close on August 30.

September 15 − BCOA Regional Specialty at the Gateway Hound Club with breed judge Mr. Alan Hunt (Pukkanut Basenjis, Australia) and group judge Dr. Daniel W. Dowling.  There will be a Puppy Sweepstakes with judge Tom Rabbitte (Woodlella Basenjis, England). Trophies include bronze BCOA medallions and an Azande hunting bell for Best Puppy in Sweepstakes.

September 16 − Supported Entry at Three Rivers KC with breed judge Mrs. Chistine E Calcinari and group judge Mr. Alan Hunt.

September 17 − Supported Entry at Three Rivers KC with breed judge Mrs Susan St John Brown and group judge Mrs. Paula Hartinger.

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