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Using the Project Site Search

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The Site Search is fairly simple to use. It is a Java applet, therefore, Java must be enabled on your web browser to run it (For most browsers Java is enabled by default). The applet, when given one or more keywords, will search through a list of pages in the African Stock Project looking at the content of each web page to find a match. When a match is found the name of the web page will be displayed in the page list scroll box. The applet is a client-side search engine which makes no use of CGI or Web Servers. This means its search speed is determined by your computer, your connection to the internet, and the number of pages the site contains. You can limit the search to specific sections of the Project by selecting the appropriate search link.

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How to Search for Pages

To find pages in the African Stock Project you must type a word or phrase in the search field.

As you can see "avongara" was typed in as a keyword. To start a search just click on the search button.

As the search progresses you will see the names of the files being searched in the upper part of the window. Each page that is found will be immediately shown on the list and can be selected for display after it finishes. You can also halt the search anytime it is running with the stop button.

Search criteria such as logical operators (Or, And) or search by phrase are available.

By default the search criteria Or is selected. If you decided to use the Or option, then the Search Applet will find pages containing one or more words given in the search field. If you decided to select And as your search criteria, then the Search Applet will find pages containing all the words given in the search field. Selecting the phrase criteria will cause the Search Applet to search pages with that phrase.

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Displaying the matching Pages

After searching for "avongara" the Search Applet lists the pages found.

The pages are displayed in the order they were found by the Search Applet. To view a page just double click on its name. For instance, picking the first page named "Avongara Bazingbi" will cause a new browser window to open and display her page. Each time you double click on a page a new window will be opened. To do another search put in a new word or phrase and click on the search button.

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Searching within a Page

To find a specific item on a page you can use the Find command. Both MS-Internet Explorer and Netscape have this is available on the Edit menu under the item Find (on this page)... for MS-Internet Explorer and Find in Page... for Netscape (for the Macintosh the menu item is Find... for both programs). The key combination Ctrl+F (Apple+F on the Mac) will work for both programs to bring up the Find dialog. In the text field Find what: (for the Macintosh Find:) type in the word or phrase you are looking for. Click on the Match case (for Netscape for the Macintosh click on Case Sensitive) button if you are doing a case sensitive search. MS-Explorer also has the option of Match whole word only (i.e. if you are finding "import", then it will ignore "importer", "important", ect. if this option is selected). To get the same type of search in Netscape place a space before and after the word or phrase. Find will search for the first occurrence of the word or phrase after you click on the Find Next button (Find for the Macintosh). If it finds a match, then it will stop and highlight the matching text. You can continue searching by clicking on Find Next button (on the Macintosh select the Edit menu and the item Find Again or use the key combination Apple+G). Searches can be done in either direction by selecting the Up or Down buttons. By default the Down button is selected. For the Macintosh only Netscape has the option for reverse search with the button Find Backwards.

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