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Other African Imports

Other Imports

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These imports have not been registered with the AKC or a breed registry recognized by the AKC. They are included to provide information on new imports who may in the future be registered with AKC or an AKC recognized registry.

Symbol Key

= male = female
= black = brindle = red = trifactored red
= tricolor = capped tri = color not known

Italic name indicates no progeny.

1939 (Imported to U.K.)


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1958 (Imported to U.S.)

Tiki Tiki

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1975 (Imported to U.S.)


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1998 (Imported to U.S.)



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 2004 (Imported to U.S.)

Avuvi Afonhaan

Avuvi Ekanye

Avuvi Enagnon

Avuvi Hontongnon

Avuvi Kuoabo

Avuvi Wafi

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2005 (Imported to Ukraine)

Zande du Congo M'bwa

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