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A New Girl from the Old Country

by Joy McNulty

     Recently this reporter had the pleasure of visiting with a very charming young lady named DINE' (pronounced 
DA-NAY). She is a three-year-old Basenji directly from Monrovia, Liberia. Yes, a Basenji directly from
Africa. She was born March 13, 1972. She is registered with SAKU (South African Kennel Union) as are her
parents. Her mother is named FIFILIGI and her father is ZOKEVELE. The owners acquired DINE' as protector of
their home. It seems robbery is very common in Mon-
rovia. Her owners home had been robbed so they got
DINE' and in her first year she cornered her first robber
and held him at bay until the police arrived. Apparently
the Basenji is greatly feared and respected by the nativ-
es. They are also highly prized as hunting dogs and are
preferred over the local Pi dog. DINE' had her first litter
in Monrovia but while she was expecting her second
litter, her people returned to the United States for a
short visit and DINE' came with them. During this visit
she delivered two puppies. One puppy remained with
members of the family in Phoenix since last August.
DINE' is a member of the family who are very fond of
her and she has two little people girls to look after.
DINE' is a most attractive Basenji. Two outstanding
things are her lovely small, tight feet, and her coat is a
most lustrous red, and so soft. The texture being fine
and smooth. The color is very even all over with no
shading. She as a short, square muzzle with great side and forehead wrinkles. Her eyes are of the richest brown
and almond shaped. The depth of chest is outstanding which gives her a real solid feeling with a great tuckup.
She stands about 15½ inches at the shoulder and has a pleasant but sturdy appearance. Her disposition is shy,
but friendly and warm. She is quite a lady from the old country, and we extend to her and her family a most hearty
welcome to Arizona.

 Reprinted from
The Basenji
Volume XIII Number 1 January 1976, p. 4
Copyright © 1976 The Basenji, All Rights Reserved.
Used with permission.

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