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James E. Johannes

  Very few dog breeds have been bred and exhibited in zoos. The author knows of only three, the Basenji, the Dingo, and the New Guinea Singing Dog.
  The first Basenji in a zoo was an import from the Belgian Congo in the 1880's. His name was "Bosc" and the Zoological Garden in Paris owned him. At that time the breed was known as the Congo terrier.
  Less than a quarter century later Basenjis were imported from the Congo to the Berlin Zoo. The Germans called them Congo dogs. A 1905 picture shows three of them. The exact date of importation or any other information is not available because the zoo lost it records during the Second World War. Susan Coe mentions in her book, "The Basenji: Out of Africa to you", of a 1908 photo in the Illustrated Kennel News showing a Basenji bitch and her daughter. The daughter had been bred at the Berlin Zoo.

Reproduced from: Le Chenil

Kongo-Hunde, Berlin Zoo 1905
Photo by: Dr. O. Heinroth.

Kongo-Hunde photo reproduced from: Pariahunde by R. and R. Menzel. in: Die Neue Brehm-Bucherei; 267. Wittenberg Lutherstadt: A. Ziemsen, 1960. p. 64.

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