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Letter on AKC Allowing Opening of Stud Book to New Foundation Stock

November 15, 1989
Dear Mr. Curby:
This concerns the request submitted on behalf of the Basenji Club of
America for the registration of additional foundation stock for Basenjis in the
American Kennel Club's stud book.
The Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club, at its recent meet-
ing, acted favorably upon the above request. In order to implement this, we
will need the specific information on the dogs that are to be included in this
The African imports, with no pedigrees, will be entered directly as foun-
dation stock. If the progeny and get resulting from breedings between these
African imports with registered Basenjis are also to be included, any
pedigree information available would be need for these dogs.
The Board wishes to emphasize that this is a one-time action, and no
assurance can be given that any parallel action might be taken at some fu-
ture date. Once the dogs in question have actually been issued AKC
registration numbers, they would be eligible to compete in AKC events, and
any litters sired or whelped by these would be eligible for registration with
the American Kennel Club. However, while any brindle dogs may participate
in obedience trails immediately after the issuance of registration numbers,
they should be withheld from breed competition until final approval is ob-
tained for the standard with a provision for the brindle color.
Mr. James Crowley, Director of Dog Events, has been assigned the task
of coordinating the registration of this new foundation stock. Therefore, the
information on the dogs to be included should be submitted directly to his at-

Yours truly, James E. Dearinger Secretary, The American Kennel Club


Reprinted from
The Basenji Club of America Bulletin Board
DTP Volume 5 January 1990
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