The Basenji Club of America African Stock Project

Imports prior to 1987

South African Champion
Taysenji Tahzu

Call name: "Tahzu"
KUSA number: 162214
Sex: Male Color: Black and White
Date of Birth: October 18, 1962
Date of importation to U.K.: Spring 1965
Area discovered in Africa: Liberia and exported through Zambia

Sire: Fisibu (r/w) (Tutwizu x Bwayku (bl/w))
Dam: Fahneh (bl/w) (Kpala x Bwayku Dahbay (bl/w))

Breeder: Miss M. Miller and Mrs. E. Ford

Importer: Elspet Ford

Health testing and history:

Date of Death: Unknown

Cause of Death: Unknown

Comments: As written by Elsept Ford from Veronica Tudor-Williams 1976 book: "Tahzu was a proud upstanding dog, with long fine-boned legs, well set-on tail with a single loose curl. Straight in stifle, loaded in shoulder ... Fine velvety coat, dark almond eyes and a reasonable frown. Ears well set, and medium sized. Excellent movement with a long swinging stride; temperament first rate." Sire of first black and white Basenji in Western Hemisphere in his son, Eng. Ch. Taysenji Yoko.

Head of Tahzu.

Side view of Tahzu.

Litters produced:

November 16, 1963 - 1 black and white 
male known - Breeders: E. M. Ford and R.
            Ziama Giliwu
Kogi (r/w)
Gizima Dey
Dam: Taysenji Titema
So. Afr. Ch. Tan Tan of the Jungle
So. Afr. Ch. Timsha of Bessemer (r/w)
So. Afr. Ch. Bessemer's Lettagail of the Jungle


Comments: This litter was born in Africa. Male: Taysenji Tigee. Tigee sired one litter of five out of Taysenji Coptokin Copper Beautique.

December 10, 1965 - 2 males and 5 females - black 
and white, red and white and tri - Breeders: E. M.
Ford and R. Sadler
            Eng. Ch. Pongo of the Congo
Perfection of Sin
Black Perle of Sin (tri)
Dam: Buckhatch Ballerina (tri)
Eng. Ch. Gooses Juniper(tri)
Gooses Hazel
Gooses Antefaa Hatshepsut

Comments: Males: Eng. Ch. Taysenji Yoko (bl/w), Taysenji Gazu Nagi (tri) - Females: Taysenji Kili Gili (bl/w), Taysenji Koza (bl/w), Taysenji Bey Bey (r/w, exported to the USA in 1966), Taysenji Gawoga (r/w) and Taysenji Pulagama (r/w). Yoko sired seven litters for a total of twenty-six puppies. Kili Gili produced one litter of two puppies.

Eng. Ch. Taysenji Yoko.
Eng. Ch. Taysenji Yoko.

July 7, 1967 - 1 red and white male and 1 black and 
white female - Breeders: E. M. Ford and R. Sadler
            Am. Ch. Kingolo
Am. Eng. Ch. Andersley Atlantic
Andersley Gold Coin of the Congo
Dam: Taysenji Coptokin Copper Beautique
Ituri Alexander
Am. Ch. Coptokin Ameliette
Eng. Am. Ch. Amelia of Littlebreach

Comments: Red and white male Taysenji Daygah - Black and white female Taysenji Zaylah. Zaylah produced one litter of one puppy.

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