The Basenji Club of America African Stock Project

Registered Foundation Stock-1990


Call name: "Esenjo"
AKC number HD839013
Sex: Female Color: Red and White
Approximate date of birth: June 19, 1978
Date of importation to U.S.A.: August 28, 1978
Area discovered in Africa: Zaire

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Unknown African

Breeder: Unknown

Importer: Mr. Luis Clark

Owners: Margaret Sommer and Cathy Clark

Health testing and history: Eyes PPM and coloboma clear and HA clear

Date of Death: November 1988

Cause of Death: Euthanized due to spinal injury.

Comments: Mr. Luis Clark worked for the Morrison-Knudsen International company in Zaire which was building the Inga-Shaba electrical line. The line started at the Inga hydro station near the mouth of the Congo river and ended in Shaba (now Katanga) province at Kolwezi. Mr. Clark traveled along the route of the transmission line several times while in Zaire.  The company had headquarters at Lubumbashi just east of Kolwezi and it is here where Mr. Clark met the local pygmies recruited to work on the line. The pygmies would not sell a Basenji but Esenjo, meaning happiness, was a present to Mr. Clark in appreciation of a gift of two water buffalo when food was scarce. Esenjo had a scissors bite, oblique eyes, fine wrinkle and hooded ears. She had true, strong movement. She stood four square with strong musculature. She had low tailset and loose, single-curl tail. She was highly intelligent and had excellent temperament.

Side view of Esenjo. Photo courtesy of Margaret Sommer.


Front view of Esenjo. Photo courtesy of Margaret Sommer.

Litters produced:

August 6, 1983 - 1 red and white  male and 5 red and white females - 
Breeders: Margaret Sommer and Cathy Clark
              Am. Can. Ch. Enzi Kidogo of SunDiata
Am. Ch. Pero's Krugerrand
Am. Ch. Pero Precious Charm
Sire: Rameses Tut-Ankhamen (R/W)
Eng. Can. Am. Ch. Fulafriend of the Congo
Shetari's Peppermint Patty
Am. Ch. Fula Nefertiti of the Congo, CD

Comments: Esenjo and Ramess Tut-Ankhamen's eyes were tested as clear of PPM and coloboma and they were free of HA. The three from the litter who were bred from were the male Ebo of Esenjo and the females Efe' of Esenjo and Endo of Esenjo and litter sisters Ebebba of Esenjo, Edea of Esenjo and Ebibiyin of Esenjo were not bred from. The litter sired by Ebo and out of Efe' was whelped October 29, 1987 and produced 2 red males and 3 red females. The litter by Ebo and out of Endo was whelped January 3, 1995, and had one red male and one red female. All eyes were PPM and coloboma tested clear.

Comments are on all Esenjo descendents including parent generation through the fourth generation: All litters were inbred to maintain the 50-50 genetic ratio of the parent generation. There were seven brother and sister matings and one mother and son mating. There are also three outcross litters extant not included in this data.

9 litters produced 15 males and 15 females - all red and white.

All males had two testicles

All had good bites

Eyes: 50% have tested clear of PPM and coloboma and 50% are yet to be tested.

All had excellent temperaments

All are typical of the breed and had sound movement

Colors: 29 clean red and whites (1 had too much white) and 1 red and white had black sabling on the back

1 pup had a small umbilical hernia and 1 pup had external intestines.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Sommer.
Top: Ebo and Bottom: Edea,
Endo, Ebibiyin and Efe'

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