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Avuvi Enagnon

Call name: "Kudo" was "George"
AKC number: not registered

UKC number: P421-862
Sex: Male Color: Red and White
Date of birth: March 8, 2004
Date of importation to U.S.A.: July 27, 2004
Area discovered in Africa: Five miles west of Allada, Benin

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Under investigation

Importers: Robert Dean, Christ Starace, & Nestor Djossou.

Owners: S. Anne Humphreys & Robert Dean

Health testing and history: HA clear via DNA. OFA-Hips: Excellent BJ-1762E25M-PI. OFA-Elbows: Normal BJ-EL149M25-PI. CERF: BJ-1181 (04,05) Iris/Iris PPM. Thyroid: Normal per Dr. Dobbs. Coat and Nose Color via DNA Analysis: Ee BB  Dd ayay

Date of Death:

Cause of Death:

Comments: Imported with his littermate Afonhaan and 4 other pups. We are awaiting DNA tests to determine if he and his littermate have the same sire.

Per Susan Patterson, shortly after their arrival, August 2004: Pick male of the group, my opinion. Silhouette is Standard - angles moderate, lovely length of neck, perfectly balanced head/neck/shoulder asembly. Head is classic wedge with muzzle shorter than length of skull. Dark fudge colored eyes which twinkle with all the mischief (and there is plenty!) in this Energizer Bunny of a pup. His tail is beginning to curl. His toes are well arched and the footpads are nice and thick. His hocks are straight and strong. his gait is free and demonstrates good drive and reach. Enagnon's top line is level and firm. His outline is square. He has the minimum white - toes, underbody and inside the legs. He is missing his white tail tip. Perhaps the umbilical cord got wrapped around it in  utero and cut off its blood supply, thus eliminating it. This has happened a couple of times in litters of my own.

Enagnon runs!!! Like his sister, he loves speed for its own sake and should be introduced to the field events. When Robert had out the dressage whip 'baited' with a white garbage bag, Enagnon and Afonhaan flat out chased it for as long as Robert could remain whirling in a circle! The other pups hung back after a time, waiting for the flying bag to come To them. Opportunists! The brother-sister team, however, never gave up the chase.

Enagnon is a joyful pup, and all boy. He initiates play, and truth to tell, is an instigator. If there is not enough excitement or activity going on to suit his taste, "George" will jump-start the action. No one will ever be able to accuse this handsome little pup of being ' in the thick of things' - he is the point man, and will be the leader. The whole long weekend visit, George elicited more unexpected laughter from me than any of the others. he would sneak up behind me on the steps where I perched, watching the pack, and would pounce on me, tugging at my hair and then giving my earlobe a kiss. He smiles and sparkles at the laughter his antics spawn, and the joy that inhabits his being bursts from him in a 'senji' smile. George will steal the unsuspecting heart and run away with it before its owner can snatch it back - as if anyone would bother trying! George is one of those dogs who will - hopefully - go through life spreading his unconditional love and committing innumerable doggy crimes with the same response to both. he is not cunning or sly or selfishly manipulative. he is larger than life and lives that way. There is not a mean bone in his body and lucky the people who become his new pack. He is an African diamond, straight from the mine, but already cut and polished. He and his sister are an unbelievable find. We hate to break up this pair as their behavior demonstrates their deep bonding and mutual affection. They continually check each other - as often as they squabble and scrap. Siblings to the core, complete with the classic rivalry.

Kudo's passport photo.
Kudo's passport photo.

Kudo at the 2004 BCOA National.

Kudo's head

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