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Imports after 1988

UKC Ch. Avuvi Afonhaan

Call name: "Honey"
UKC number P414-519
Sex: Female Color: Red and White
Approximate date of birth: March 2004
Date of importation to U.S.A.: July 27, 2004
Area discovered in Africa: Five miles west of Allada, Benin

Sire: Unknown African
Dam: Under investigation

Importers: Robert Dean, Christ Starace, & Nestor Djossou.

Owners: Susan Patterson & Robert Dean

Health testing and history: HA clear via DNA. OFA-Hips: BJ-1751G25F-PI (good). CERF: BJ 1143/2004-5 (perfectly clear). Thyroid - Normal per owner as of May 2006. Coat Color via DNA Analysis: EE BB Dd ayay

Date of Death:

Cause of Death:

Comments: Honey started out as a square puppy but as an adult she has grown leggy (17 inches square). We refer to her as "the foxy dingo" and I think that description fits her to a "T". Her face is the classic wedge with little hooded ears and dark almond eyes. She is longer in loin than during her teen months, but that goes with the leg she grew. She has tiny, highly arched feet. Her toes are very flexible and she puts them to a variety of uses - holding sticks so she can dig for bugs, and my favorite: she puts a paw in my hand and then arches her toes and exerts pressure - in effect, "holding" hands. Honey's gait is free, easy and effortless. Her generous shoulder layback and pelvic saddle provide for tremendous reach and drive. She has the explosive maneuverability of a quarter horse when she is in pursuit.
Honey's temperament is attentive and loving to "her" family/pack. She is gradually learning to expand her circle, but overall I would say that she is probably typical of a Benin village alpha. She alerts to anything she deems worthy of alarm and is highly protective. Any stranger must work to gain her approval as she is very conservative in this regard. Strange dogs really alarm her and we have to work diligently and patiently with her to make any progress in this respect. We do not view this as problematic - we accept that her own instincts are at work here and we respect them. She is a hunter par excellence, and also seems to be tuned to the same wavelength as Susan. Honey has measured in at 17 inches square as an adult.
Per Susan Patterson, shortly after their arrival, August 2004: Afonhaan ("Honey"): Like her brother Enagnon, Honey is an unbelievable find. Without being told of her origins, no one seeing her for the first time would EVER label her as "Af", let alone as being directly FROM the bush villages. Don't think she doesn't know she is special. This mighty mite stepped out of her crate off the plane and never looked back. She skipped 'princess' and went straight to the throne: Queen of Everything, and don't you forget it - not that she will let that happen. She leads the pack, and acts as their first line protector.


Honey's passport photo.
Honey's passport photo.

Honey at the 2004 BCOA National.

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