The Basenji University

The First Honor Rolls 1967

Kinte Cloth

Stud Dogs

29   Ch. Cambria’s Ti-Mungai
24   Ch. Flageolet of the Congo
19   Ch. Brahme of Syngefield
14   Ch. Lepper’s Mr. Spats
14   Ch. Reveille Recruit
13   Ch. Andersley Atlantic
12   Ch. Fulahill of the Congo
12   Riviana Jasper Lad
11   Ch. Cavalier of the Congo
11   Fula Reveille of the Congo
11   Ch. Glenairley Golden Fresco
11   Ch. Phemister’s Kedar
10   Bettina’s Ligonia
10   Ch. Bettina’s Oribi
9   Ch. Comet of the Congo
9   Ch. Merlea Sun Dancer
8   Ch. Copernicus of the Congo
8   Ch. Hamio of Hills Half Acre
8   Ch. Miacor’s Zippor, C.D.
8   Ch. Miacor’s Zuchil  
8   Ch. Rhosenji’s Beau
7   Ch. Feruzi of the Zande
7   Ch. Fulafaun of the Congo
7   Ch. Glenairley Black Trellis
7   Ch. Tinas Coma Mumbo Jumbo
6   Ch. Chico of the Congo
6   Drumadoon Ducat
6   Fulafuture of the Congo
6   Gino of Rancho Rest
6   Joss of Glenairley
6   Kingolo’s Kontender
6   Piccolo of the Congo
6   Robert of Littlebreach
6   Ch. Tennji’s Ebony Warrior
5   Ch. Andy of Glen Ho
5   Black Clarion of the Congo
5   Ch. Circus Boy of the Bambuti
5   Ch. Delee’s Dasher of Ber-Vic
5   Fleet of the Congo
5   Fulafire of the Congo
5   Ch. Glenairley Golden Topaz
5   Kwillo of the Congo
5   Ch. Lutes Zim Zim
5   Ch. Merlea Dancing Bugleboy
5   Ch. Red Fire of the Congo

Brood Bitches

15 Ch. Glenairley Black Munia
13   Ch. My Love of the Congo
13   Ch. Riviana Jollity of the Congo
11   Ch. Bettina’s Bronze Wing
10   Ka and Ba Meryt-Ra, CD
7   Ch. Cambria’s Tabooo
7   Ch. Glenairley M’Liss
7   Ch Poppet of the Congo
6   Ch. Andersley Americana
6   Ch. Asali of the Zande
6   Ch. Marlise Jacinthe
6   Riviana Dumb Blond
6   Zinder of Carmel
  Ch. Cambria’s Amon Isis
5   Chanet of Hills Half Acre
5   Ch. Ericoni’s Rubigold
5   Fulafancy of the Congo
5   Glenairley Black Trinket
Ch. Luddymarie’s Black Angel
  Orange Fizz of the Congo
5   Phemister’s Prestige
5   Phemister’s Sunglow
5   Widgeon of the Congo
4   Ch. Bee-Jac’s Fantasy
4   Bettina’s Demani
4   Ch. Blackpepper of the Congo
4   Ch. Cambria’s Queen Xiote
4   Carnival of the Congo
4   Ericonji’s Congo Belle
4   Ch. Fulaflashi of the Congo
4   Ch. Glenairley Song Bird
4   Kasenyo
4   Lutes Ansar of Prestige
4   Ch. Prunella
4   Ch. Redwing of Rancho Rest
4   Ch. Tinas Coma Caper
4   Ch. Tinas Coma Venus
4   Tresld’s Dik Dik
4   Ch. Victory of Syngefield
4   Ch. Zinnia of the Congo

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