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Membership dues are required each year to maintain active membership status. In December of each year, the Treasurer shall send a dues renewal notice for the ensuing year. Dues shall be payable prior to February 1 of each year.

Membership of applicants elected during the months of October, November and December shall be extended through the following year.

No member may vote on any Club matter, be elected to office, or be a committee member unless his or her dues are paid for the current year.

Membership Types:

Adult Single Membership (Over age 18) USA member $25.00

Household (1) Two USA members; each with individual voting privileges* $35.00

Foreign Adult (2) (3) Over age 18, either listed as Single or as a Household who reside outside of the USA. Single - $25.00
Household (1) - $35.00

Junior Membership (Under age 18) - Joining alone $10.00
(Under age 18) - Joining with an adult(s) membership $3.00 per junior


(1) Two members that reside in the same household.

(2) Foreign members who have continuous membership prior to 2003 shall have voting privileges.

North American foreign members who have continuous membership prior to Sept 2007 shall have voting privileges.

(3) Foreign members elected to membership after 2003 may not vote, subject to footnote (2)

(4) Junior members may not vote.


Dues are payable
by February 1, 2017

A membership will lapse if dues remain unpaid by February 1, 2017. The Grace Period ends March 1, 2017. After that date your membership will end. No Exceptions! Article I, Section 4 (B).

BCOA dues are not tax deductible.

There is a $25 charge for all returned Checks.

Although the dues deadline are a month later, the Roster publication schedule has NOT changed. Dues must be received by February 1 to guarantee your place in the Roster. Members whose dues are received after February 1 will not be listed in the Roster.

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